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If you are on this page, you are already fade up with your website loading speed. Slow-loading websites can lead to loss of visitors permanently. Do not let yourself be a victim of a forever loading website as Pagespeed is directly linked with your Google SEO performance. So if you want to speed up your website immediately, Digibrood has the instant solution for website speed optimization Melbourne. So let’s look deeper into the importance of a fast loading website.

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Why Speeding up your website important?

A slow website Drop Conversion Rate by 60%

Every website needs audiences and every website needs to achieve its conversion rates to survive. Slow websites can lead to a huge drop in conversion and you do not want that right? So do not let your website loading time push away your potential clients.

Fast Loading Websites Get Higher Rank In Google

Your website speed is directly connected with your SEO ranking. Visitors do not like to wait for your website to load, they will move away to a different and fast website. Google knows that and so fast websites get higher ranks on Google search results. You need to increase your website speed to stay on the google search.

Insist Mobile users to take action

The digital world is slowly moving towards mobile phones. Without a fast-loading mobile-friendly website you cannot stay in the competition. Yet many websites take ages to load on mobile, and it is crucial to make your website mobile-friendly.
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4 reasons for a Slow loading website

Sloppy HTML coding

One of the prime reasons why your website is taking ages to load is HTML coding. HTML coding is everything that makes your website on how visitors will see, find and load your website. The larger and complex your website is, the more HTML coding gets jumbled up. So in order to get your page load faster, you need to ensure that HTML coding is compact and free of errors.

Unoptimized graphics

Images and graphics are a necessary evil for any website, as Images take a lot of space. Unoptimised Graphics and images are one of the biggest problems that might be making your website slow. So you need to ensure that your images are well optimised.

Too many redirects

Redirects are the process of replacing your old webpage with the new one. Redirect is a coding process to place your old website within your .htaccess file in the server. But when you redirect it takes time to process your old data to the new website. This can be a reason for your slow website.

Server location and performance

Server location and performance can have a huge effect on loading your website. If your server is located further away, it will take time to load. There are also servers that are cheap or on a shared basis, these servers slow down your website. It is always advisable to build your website on any reputed server to gain the website loading speed.

Website Speed Optimisation Service Melbourne

Website Speed Optimization Services We Provide in Melbourne

Deleting All Unnecessary Files

We Will Delete All Unnecessary Files For Your Website

If you didn’t know, your website stores every temporary file in the database for all the activities that have been happening to your website. And this is one of the prime reasons that slow down your website performance. Our Website speed optimisation services clean all the unnecessary files, outdated content and data from your website to ease the excessive pressure that has been slowing down your website. We will remove outdated plugins or extensions to make your website light and fast and then we make your website ready with new and lighter plugins with super-fast loading time and accuracy.

Image Optimization

Image Optimization

We understand how unoptimised images put extra pressure on your website’s loading time. Our web developers and web designers know the right format to make your web speed faster. We know how to add the right ALT attributes to optimise your images search engine friendly. Our goal is to accommodate various search engines to divert audiences and business leads for you. So your optimised image can lead the audience directly to your website quickly without any loading time.

Reducing The Server Response Time

We Reduce The Server Response Time

It has been proven that you can lose 40% of your visitors permanently if your server response time is taking ages to load. Server response time is basically the time taken by a website to load the result of keywords that the audience has searched for. If your website is unable to load the result on time, your visitor will divert to a different website for a similar result. Our expert can help you to reduce the server response time making your website SEO friendly. We can ensure the server of your website shows results fast without keeping your audience on hold.

Website Caching

Website Caching

Website caching is a technique that our Web developers and designers use for first-time visitors. It helps to save a cached version of web pages so when the same user lands on the website in future, the saved version of the webpage will be displayed. It helps to divert additional HTTPs requests from slowing down your server. And it makes your website loading time faster.

Recommendations For Good Servers

We Recommend Fast Loading Servers

Your website might be loading slowly because of the selection of slow and low rated servers. Do not worry, We have a vast list of fast loading servers that can optimise your website. And it comes in different packages so you do not need to worry about spending extra money, just choose the package that suits you the best.

Correction In Coding Files

We Fix Your Coding File

Google will not enlist your website if the coding does not match its SERP standard. Our Web developers are experts in checking and maintaining the coding standard for your website. We can edit, replace and rewrite incorrect coding files to perform HTTPs requests fast to load instant results. We also speed up your website for specific requirements by minimizing the content file, font optimising, and many more.

So do not let your visitors move away from your forever loading websites. Let our website speed optimization service help you to stay ahead of your competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Website speed is the key to successful conversion. Your visitors can permanently move away if your website is taking ages to load. Not only that, Google values websites with speed and they only enlist fast websites to their SERP.

We are going to need your administrator password for your website, FTP or Cpanel access and domain registrar login details. However, if you are not comfortable sharing all the above-mentioned details, we can work with DNS server details too along with your google tag manager login details.

  • Browser & Page Caching Configuration and Tuning
  • Database Optimization and Cleanup
  • HTAccess File Optimization
  • Edge Caching setup
  • 404 Bad Request Review and Repair
  • Plugin Reviews and replacement
  • Image Optimization & Compression
  • HTTPS conversion
  • Before and After Reports

One of the best software to check your site speed is GTmetrix tool. DigiBrood also use google page speed insights and google lighthouse to check your website speed.

Nearly 80 percent of the website speed can be fixed. There are some websites that can face difficulties while fixing. The main reasons are complex and old coding or backdated servers. For those websites we can create a new one redirecting all the old data to new one.

It can be anything and everything. From coding issues to long content, from heavy images to bad servers, many things can affect your website speed.

SEO isn't only about good content. Your visitors need to read it, and if your website is slow, your visitors won't spend much time waiting for your website to load. Which automatically bounce back your SEO score.

With improved speed quality, your website ranks higher on the search list. The less time your website takes to load, the more audience you can expect.

Mobile optimisation is making your website mobile friendly. Which is lighter than web search, and should be running on even weaker internet connection. Mobile optimisation is one of the most important matters as most of the local searches are done on mobiles.

Optimising speed is not expensive, however you should spend some amount for your most important foundation of business, your website. Your website is the only identity you have online and in order to optimise your website, we have several packages. You can select any of the packages as per your feasibility, so no, this is not expensive. This is effective.

Small businesses in Melbourne are the most competitive one. So it is highly advisable that you optimise your website speed if you are a small business owner. As you do not want your competitors to snatch away your potential customers for your slow loading websites.


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