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DiGiBrood influencer marketing Strategy:-

influencer marketing agency

DigiBrood solely develops the most optimum influencer marketing strategy on a range of social media influencers. Our experts analyze the audience behavior pattern and deeply acclimatize your social media approach (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or LinkedIn). 

Listening to your brand ideas and goals, we shaped a marketing strategy to raise your brand amidst the dominating market. Our influencer marketing experts will connect you with the top social media influence search content creator and bloggers to help you engross your target audience.


Process of our influencer marketing services

Finding an influencer with the right niche

We identify influencers who specialize in some niche for the campaign. Content creator with a generalized theme, hence up getting roundup. We want our influencers to be professional and pick a niche for a better understanding of the target audience.

DiGiBrood experts find the perfect match that creates your unique brand awareness. Specializing in a niche helps to analyze the followers and the best-fit social media for your creative content.

We find the perfect niche reflecting your personality to create a unique persona on social media platforms.

influencer marketing agency
influencer marketing

Our Focused Influencers

Our influencer marketing strategy calls for holding different platforms to reach the potential customer. We deliver the results through our customized strategies where we analyze every online medium and its audience the choose the right influencer for the campaign. 

How do we find our influencers?

We find the right influencer for the targeted audience to create your brand awareness. Digibrood understands the aimed audience and picks out the right social media for the influencer with a specialized niche for our influencer marketing.

Our experts use a range of tools to research and present the best-suited influencer for the brand. Digibrood’s team adapts its approach for different social media platforms and conducts deep research acclimatizing to either B2B or B2C marketing strategies. Our goal is to deliver your brand to the right audience and through the optimum medium.

influencer marketing company
influencer marketing company

Our Process of selecting the platform

With emerging new platforms selecting the right online medium for influencer marketing campaigns for your brand is highly crucial. We analyze each social media for the branded content and our experts identify the business-to-consumer or business-to-business audience and drive the potential buyers to your brand.

We curate our approach to each program (LinkedIn B2B), ( Instagram Snapchat and Facebook b2c), and many more. We curate the topics specifically reflecting the social platform for example a blog post, product review, etc. these form of measure, brings influencer marketing to achieve your brand’s goal.

Content creation

Our services include helping you manage your creations. Working with influencers gives us a range of opportunities to create subject matter. Our experts are highly specialized for the social media algorithm and determined to publish the content likely, this includes Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, blogs post, IGTV, microblogging on Twitter, posts on Reddit, and lastly YouTube videos.

DiGiBrood understands each platform’s algorithm and we don’t believe in one fit for all solutions. Our campaigns and influencer marketing strategies are highly adaptable to each service and audience generating better results, followers, and brand awareness.

influencer marketing services
micro influencers

Collaborating the brand with the relevant an influencer

Collaboration is a key to stitch brands and influencers together for the betterment of both ends. DiGiBrood introduces a room for brands and influencers where they both can gain from each other. Our goal is to analyze the market to create an influencer marketing campaign.

This includes sponsored blog posts, gifting, take over as sponsor, social media content, guest blogging, and brand ambassador programs, all of these influencer marketing measures can bring out significant results.

Our promotional strategy

DiGiBrood strategy games for the best promotional policies for the influences. We understand the desire to reach out to a high number of audiences with quality content gaining more followers.

Working with our influencer marketing team allows you to focus on engaging content while our specialists aim to generate more followers. We understand your goals and ideas and if your objective is to reach 10000 followers or even a million followers, experts will get their hands on it to provide you the service.

micro influencers
influencer marketing strategy

Signing Contract

DigiBrood gets a contract with a legal agreement document covering all the necessary information for the influencer marketing campaign between the influencer and the agency.

This includes details of service fees, and payment with the influencer, terms failed, paid endorsements disclosure, exclusivity, confidential information, and ownership of intellectual property. We believe in creating a contract to avoid any future disagreement or misunderstanding between the influencer and the agency.

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What are the steps to launch a successful influencer campaign?

The popularity of influencer marketing is reaching high. Marketers acquire the perfect strategy to promote the products on online media stages through a relatable influencer.

During the digital Era with social media being everyone’s pocket makes influencer marketing the best choice for promoting an enterprise.

But to achieve commendable results marketers are required to develop strategies that fit the brand’s goal for generating more sales. There is a range of steps and methods companies follow to launch campaigns on social media and these are some of the basic and important steps.

instagram influencer marketing

Target audience

Your strategy should begin with analyzing the audience. Understanding your product's relevancy to your audience's demographics for example which age group to hit, ethnicity and user patterns, etc. This is the key element to focus on before the launch of a marketing campaign. Analyzing your online audience and getting the perfect type of influencer, plays a huge impact in company promotion and generating more sales.

instagram influencer marketing

Finding relevant influencers for the collaboration

The right influencer on the right platform is essential for perfect campaign results. Find influencers who reflect the brand's Persona through their content. Who has expertise in the field your product is related to. You cannot reach a fashion influencer to promote a tech product, right? Similarly, chuck down your search to find the perfect type of influencer with the targeted audience, it could be an Instagram influencer or LinkedIn influencer. depending on your company and the product that fits the budget. These tools will determine the results of online marketing, particularly aiming at your industry. Influencers may reach over a million through their posts, blogs, micro-posts, videos, and many more, this engagement and the follower count will highly

instagram influencer marketing

Choosing the relevant platform

It is essential to choose a platform that is relevant to your industry. A deep analysis of audience demographic age matters when choosing a platform for example if your targeted audiences are 40 to 60 years old go for Facebook. If you are targeting 25 to 35 years old you can choose TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or even Twitter. And if your audience is between the age of 15 to 25 Facebook is not an option platform like Reddit TikTok Snapchat Instagram plays the ground. Choosing the right place for a promotional campaign is highly crucial. You need to hit the target audience on the right platform.

social media influencer marketing

Provide exclusive access

Influencers are very critical of their relationship with their followers. They curate content to provide knowledge and help to their followers and if a company appears on the door for a promotion, they expect to try the product first before giving reviews and recommendations. Apart from having a top-notch product you need to convince the influencer to promote by letting them try. Influencers should have the chance to be one of the first to try the product and then share the product details with their followers. This creates a buzz and excitement about the product launch allowing the customers to be familiar with the product.

social media influencer marketing

Pay attention to email marketing

Email marketing has proven to be a great tool to convince audiences into potential customers. Influences generate personal relations with their followers and these countdowns to exclusive email lists. This email list may consist of individuals that you want to promote your product. Acquiring this relevant audience and customized email post can generate immense value. The influencers can curate personalized email and curate content for the targeted potential users and ensure they include a convincing call-to-action in their customized message.

Content Marketing

Content creation

One of the best perks of influencer marketing is they offer authentic and engaging content while keeping the followers in mind. Influencers are content creators and giving the creative department in their hands can highly impact the campaign. Their convincing testimonials based on their specialization and their ability to produce captivating imagery through videos or social media posts, a product's review, or the company's interaction review can immensely affect the promotions. They know their followers and if the brands let them track the content, it can appeal to the audience that will ultimately turn into potential users.

influencer talent agency

Hosting contests and giveaways

The engagement one can achieve through social media influencer marketing cannot be met by any other marketing strategy. Doing giveaways and hosting contests is an excellent measure to engage with the potential users to give them an idea of the product. This track creates a relation between the company and potential customers giving a determination for creating brand awareness.

influencer talent agency

Keeping the promises on the launch

Many companies and brands fail to deliver the promises they made during their campaigns. For example, some companies promise free clothing for example scarves for casual blouses for their potential customers and after the launch. The company realizes that they were not ready for the response they would get. Why would the audiences of the followers leave out free items of clothing so it is essential to meet the promises done on the launch? Following these tools creates the company's image in front of the users and provides retention creating a long-term relationship between the brand and the customer. These were the eight basic steps to launch your perfect marketing campaign. Including all the steps from promises generates a high response rate.

Are celebrity endorsements the same as influencer marketing?

Similarities between sponsored influencers and celebrity endorsements can often overlap each other. It might be confusing to identify whether it’s sponsored influencing marketing or celebrity endorsement. Well, you can say that Robert Downey junior has a popular account on Instagram and has millions of followers and he has his influence on his fans. Him doing a video for promotion will generate great numbers of results but could it be categorized as a lesser-known social media influencer?

It’s hard to distinguish but there are differences between advertising PR and marketing influencer campaigns. It has similar content and approach but the real puzzle is the strategy behind the process. Celebrities can boost brand’s perception, provide a significant amount of reach but though these famous personalities influence their fans to purchase products or services. It’s considerable to categorize them as celebrities and individuals with the highest followers as influences.

With their overlapping similarities marketers strongly believe influencer marketing strategy dominates celebrity endorsement and the reason being:-

influencer advertising
influencer advertising


Good old advertisements have hired celebrities to recommend brands and we all know Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress but if she is endorsing a cereal brand, she need not be nutritious to promote that product. Famous figures do not hold expertise in the product or services they advertise.

Influences on the other hand are experts in their field. Their content is directly reflected in their specialization. This is how they have earned their follower’s trust and respect. Targeting a perfect influencer with a specialization allowing their brand’s persona will benefit more for the product sales as well as the influencer.

Content creation

While endorsing a product, celebrities deliver the message that the business creates or is written by the advertisement agency. 

During influencer marketing, the content creation department goes to the influencer itself. They want to work and take responsibility for creating the content either a video or a blog, personally customizing everything for an appealing presentation in front of the audience.

Such form of custom-made content plays a high impact on the audience’s perspective of the enterprise hence for influencer marketing the creative hand should go to the influencers for a significant result.

social media influencer agency
influencer marketing agency

Audience relationship

Celebrity’s influence has a sustainable reach, but it leans more towards the traditional television advertisement. We agree, celebrities influence fans but this process does not measure an engagement between the audience and the celebrity.

Whereas influences have generated a relation over time. Their content personally measure with the audiences or readers and it makes influencer marketing the most commendable strategy to gain product perception and potential buyers.


We are aware of celebrity endorsement being expensive. According to The Economist, celebrities with more than 7 million Instagram followers mainly charge up to $150000 for one sponsored post. Arguably many marketers strongly believe that pain this junk of money for the company’s exposure is worth the cost, but it leaves out startups and companies with small budgets.

Influencers charge way less than celebrities and typically range from $500 to $1000. Some micro-influencers expect free products or discount code, while other famous Instagram influencers with 100,000 followers may demand paychecks and this clearly helps for small budget companies..

Influences are way more affordable and now in 2021 when the audiences have shifted their attention to the internet and watch their favorite influences content online prove influencer marketing is a better choice and is widely different from celebrity endorsement.

Influencer Marketing Agency Melbourne

Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Influencer Marketing Agency Melbourne

Creating a perfect match of Influencer and brand plus a content strategy will deliver meaningful results

Influencers and brands align the optimum content strategy to turn out meaningful results. We introduce social media influencers to the brand for generating an audience response. Our motto is to search and pick reliable influencers to convey the brand’s message to potential users. DiGiBrood looks for influencers with thousands or even million followers for your influencer marketing campaigns. With strategic influencer marketing for your products and services by getting the right influencer and hitting the target audience, we can deliver significant results through our influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing Agency Melbourne

Creating an authentic connection to the brands

DigiBrood believes in fitting the right influencer together with the brand at the right time. We analyze various types of influencers and pick out the best suited for a brand. Our concern is to click the right influencer for the brand, the one that resonates with the personality of the company. Our experts make sure that both the parties; the influencer and the brand should agree upon the smallest details for an incredible campaign and to avoid any future discomfort.
Our sole purpose is to reach the audience, through a relevant influencer and generate expeditious results from our influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer Marketing Agency Melbourne

Generating brand awareness

Influencer marketing campaigns create a brand's image in front of the audience and DigiBrood finds reliable and popular influencers whose audience believes in his/her words and whom the influencer can convince of the brand’s impeccable image. Our professionals work on content marketing strategies from which the audience fails to skip. Our creative measures will build your brand persona amidst the dominating market.

Influencer Marketing Agency Melbourne

Drive traffic

DigiBrood creates your brand awareness through the right influencer who can encourage its viewers or readers to visit your social media page or the website. Our influencer marketing campaign solely aims to bring all the viewers and direct that traffic to your initial website or social media page.
Our influencer marketing promises to increase your website traffic and conversion rates.

social media influencer marketing

Increasing media value

DigiBrood completes its work to create media value for our clients. Influencers reach the target audience to create a media value for the brand, bringing a diversified media value to your brand, and its products or services. Our experts are determined to increase your media value through various creative measures generating more response rates.


Frequently Asked Questions

An influencer has a connective relationship with its audiences and these influencers actually follow a niche and engagement with certain audiences who put their trust over these influencers. They create ideas for example a video, graphics designs posts, a blog post, Instagram reels, Instagram posts, and many more to convey their knowledge and opinions to their viewers.

Since the last decade influencers have a background on various platforms raising from their niches and selecting their best stage for example Instagram for clothing and makeup, LinkedIn for business-to-business, Facebook for business-to-consumer work, Tik-Tok for entertainment, and lifestyle, and many more.

With these wide ranges of platforms and numerous types of influencers popularly typecast by the number of followers; mega influencers macro-influencers micro-influencers Nano influencers or by their composition; bloggers, YouTubers social posts, or podcasters. Now, these influencers are a great asset for branches of promotions and more important for social relationships between the brand and the audience.

Influencer marketing is a new phenomenon in the market, since the masses are deeply affected by influencer's word-of-mouth. Brands reach out to influencers to promote their products and services. Wait, it is not so simple.

Influencer marketing requires highly strategic marketing and viewers analysis. Brands are made to look for influencers who regulate their personal to the company's product and services. They analyze the audience's behavior pattern and acclimatize their content strategy to change the initial view into potential buyers.

Influencers are the bridge between your brand and the audiences they promote the company's product as a recommendation. Well, you might say why not directly advertise on these platforms, and yes it is plausible to advertise the product and services of the brand directly on these platforms but we all are aware of how people feel about advertisement in 2021.

With accelerating advertisement between their entertainment time on online platforms, masses tend to skip out on these ads. This is where an influencer's style comes. Influencers have a collective relationship with their audiences. Their audience trusts their words and they want to listen to them. And they often tend to purchase something recommended by their favorite influencers.

And if you can search for the right set of influencers and find relevant audiences that resonate with your brand, bring it on. With the escalating competition and Google advertisement algorithm changing every two years why not choose a popular individual to market your brand and watch the ROI going high with influencer marketing playing the game.

Now with the range of platforms and types of influences with the numerous reach, you require a tailored approach for your influencer marketing strategy; producing unique content that directly hitting the viewers.

The key role is to give the creative measures to these influences' hands to build a consumable story bringing higher credibility and engagement, ultimately leading to high conversion rates with new customers.

Micro-influencers are common individuals with the drive to share their expertise and knowledge on social media. They represent a small group; not fashion or makeup but something like financial knowledge mythology or a nihilistic philosophy.

These niches are not popular among the mainstream influences but people genuinely interested in such topics produce a sizable audience for these influencers.

We categorize these influences on the number of their followers but it mainly reflects the relationship and interaction that these influencers have with his or her audience or followers and if we talk numbers micro-influencers have 10,000 followers to 50,000 followers on one of the online platforms.

Micro influencer's initial goal is to reflect the knowledge on social media affecting other people's lives for good. They may not even hear about an enterprise. That reaches them. If they go up promoting a new or strange product to their followers, it could affect the relationship with the followers.

So it's crucial to strategize consumable content or marketing that promotes the product as well as maintain or even grow the influencer's relationship with the followers.

There is a wide range of micro-influencers who demand the product exchange for the promotion while others expect payment and both ways they don't want a knot between their relationships with the fans.

2021 is a new age for influencers amidst the popular influencers dominating the internet social mediums, small niches have risen out of the corner zone and people have started paying attention to their specific specialties.

The credit goes to the GenZs, unlike other generations GenZs tend to spend more time on the internet rather than watching television shows or sports. Here is the period on the internet discovering the various micro-influencers acquiring special content (blog post, videos, graphic, etc) to offer to the world, with the right influencer marketing, brands can reach the audiences and achieve their ultimate goals.

The Internet is not about big brands and famous individuals. Even if there's something relatively obscure you like or you are open to publishing it, you will find sizable masses devoting the time to it, and these groups of people that these influencers make themselves as genuine influencers. 

Like other online stages, LinkedIn acquires special influencers for its business-to-business work. A LinkedIn influencer is a strong leader specializing in a specific industry who publishes and shares organic content to sizable masses on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn audiences seek a credible individual to understand various measures of business-to-business work. Their drive to grab detailed knowledge and skills makes LinkedIn influencer is a commendable job.

These individuals specify a particular industry for example marketing, writing a blog post, graphic designing, and many more. They share valuable content to their audiences providing measures to affect their growth. Like any other influencer, (Instagram or Facebook) LinkedIn influencer's main goal is to build a strong relationship between them and their followers.

Targeting the audience is a crucial element of influencer marketing strategy. Content creators choose their medium after deeply analyzing the audience's behavior and taste. If the brand produces a product directly reflecting a certain demographic age; their influencer marketing engagement shall directly target that audience.

If your product and service are for 40 to 60-year-old individuals, head for face to design engaging content and it could be videos, blogs, or posts to reflect your product and services on to their interest. But the new generation for example, millennials and GenZs uses Tik-Tok Instagram Snapchat and least likely even Twitter. These mediums determine a certain engagement with the audiences to develop tracks for influencer marketing strategies leading the promotion numbers high.

Influencers with more than 10,000 followers and want to work with brands, need to evaluate these demographics and acclimatize their product strategy as branded content reaches a million or more individuals.

Audience analysis, content strategy, and influencer marketing are the main tools to promote a branch through consumable and social content. This content includes product reviews, Twitter posts, recommendations YouTube videos, or popular discount codes.

A firm analyzes the audience's demographics and investing in certain stages would highly affect the budget. No one wants to form a strategy and gain countable sales.

Understanding and analyzing the age demographics track of media are essential tools for successful influencer marketing promotion and higher response rates. 

Influencer marketing is one of the radar for the leading marketing strategies according to the statistics 72% of customers make their purchasing decisions on the product consulting reviews. Masses lean towards the mouth of words, not just the next-door neighbor but individuals on online mediums that they trust.

Good old advertisements are not enough in this dominating competition. Our targeted audiences need to build personal relations and trust in the firm. The desire to be knowledgeable about the product and is where influences hit in, the fill-up the knowledge gap of the audiences and provide them the right information about the product of the services.

On average, masses spend around 2 hours and 24 minutes per day on online media to gain their attention while they are scrolling through the screen watching the favorite influences blog post, a video, or Instagram content reflecting your product promotion. Working with influencers can develop a unique perspective of the audience about the enterprise.

Followers find the influencer's word more credible than the advertisement, as these influencers have a personal narrative in their promotions. When the audience regularly interacts with the influencers and trusts their words, it creates a personal relationship between them hence, influencer marketing attains relatable content, which determines this point as 82% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand that is endorsed by an influence.

This direct hitting audiences on the right place through the right medium formed a perfect cost-effective tool to increase potential customers. One of the key elements for higher ROI in your organization is to analyze a specialty and pick the perfect micro-influencer to endorse your product.

The social capability that a micro-influencer holds is contradictory to their number of followers. This process will keep you on a budget, hit the right audience, and determine higher conversion potentials through a creative influencer marketing strategy.

The other great track of influencer marketing is the increase of brands visibility. Your brand visibility online mediums will generate sizable recognition, creating an image of the firm while reflecting a million followers and sales.


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