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All your lead generation solution, caters to your business. With an aim to critical select the best lead opportunity benefitting your business.

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Services of our B2B lead generation agency

DigiBrood offering a 360-degree angle approach for generating lead, each measure highly acclimatized to the targeted prospects.
b2b lead generation agency melbourne

LinkedIn marketing

DigiBrood caters to our approach to generate B2B leads from marketing on LinkedIn. We create compelling content to drive potential traffic to the relevant sources. Our experts curate personal ways of identifying potential prospects. We engage them in our interesting content eventually turning them into customers.

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing

DigiBrood Melbourne, a B2B lead generation agency, leans towards email marketing to target potential customers. Our professionals create personalized emails to our targeted prospects customizing the message catered to their interest and offer an irresistible deal. We also keep our existing subscribers engaged with valuable content to hold retention and loyalty.

Content Marketing

Content marketing

DigiBrood, a B2B lead generation agency acquires a highly creative team to curate compelling and engaging content that appeals to the audience. Our professional structure rises a content strategy and creates unique measures for further distribution on relevant platforms. We believe in evaluating the content to generate leads and cater to the business goals.
We create blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts, infographics and more strictly creating for relevant leads on relevant platforms.

b2b lead generation agency melbourne

Content funnel

DigiBrood, Melbourne holds strategic measures to create content funnels to visualize the journey of leads from beginning to considering a purchase. We create exceptional landing pages for the traffic and offer valuable deals then nurture those leads to further optimize the sales funnel. 

Sales funnel

Sales funnel

DigiBrood’s first step of generating leads from the sales funnel is understanding those leaves. We create awareness to capture the lead’s attention. Our experts use evaluating tools to filter the leaves for further sales processes. Our aim is to focus on potential leads for better business.

Google ads

Google ads

DigiBrood Melbourne creates Google ads to appear on sites other than Google itself promising to generate high-quality leads. Our experts create strategic campaigns to generate a high number of leads experimenting with different bids, ad messages, and keywords. 

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Process of our B2B lead generation agency

linkedin b2b lead generation

Understanding the products and services

DigiBrood’s first step is to understand your product and services. We do not believe in rushing the process to the result. We take our time and drive a full-fledged conversation with your brand. To understand your goals and how you want to interpret the product and services in front of the potential audience to generate more leads.

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Market research

DigiBrood, Melbourne acquires sales experts to form quantitative and qualitative marketing research for a strategic business-to-business operation. Our professionals uncover insights into the market through service representing samples of its participants. We also regulate directorial interviews with board members, management team, to provide an internal and external direction of the brand. We evaluate our strategies on competition category, consumer motivation, and face-to-face research on products and services. Our experts widen the market research context to optimize your brand salience through extensive questionnaire-based studies and process the existing operation for potential opportunities.

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Nurturing the leads

We believe in developing relationships with prospects through every stage of the purchasing journey. Our experts consistently connect with the prospects to follow up with them to stay in tag with the procedure. DigiBrood acquires experts who serve the right type of content at the right time to increase the efficiency and speed of deciding their purchasing journey. Through our strategic sales funnel we analyze and evaluate the potential leads and focus our attention on the individuals who are interested in the actual purchasing process.

linkedin b2b lead generation

Sales Scripts

We have professional copywriters with more than 10 years of experience. Who will provide customized sales scripts for qualified leads gravitating their attention to the brand. Our sales scriptwriters directly connect to our clients for understanding their ideas and perception of their brand’s sales script. DigiBrood believes in offering personalized and customized sales copy for everything from sales pages to email sequences. Our experts do not believe in rushing through the process and getting the result. With us, this is not a one-time solution we create test scripts and analyze their uh metrics for generating better results from these sales copies. DigiBrood aims to create customized sales scripts for each client by evaluating their targeted leads and their brand’s image.

linkedin b2b lead generation

B2B Lead generation

DigiBrood to get an irresistible consumer interest for your brand’s product and service with an aim of turning these interested leads into paying consumers. Our professionals plan to target the outrage through advertising or promotional methods creating a streamlined sales and sales strategy. Our experts create compelling content to attract perspectives towards the aimed product or service. Directly deflecting the intention of converting these strangers into consumers. Our strategy holds the game of generating leads and retaining them post-purchase. We generate leads through Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Instagram, and other cross channels.


Frequently asked questions about our B2B lead generation Services

B2B Lead generation comprises both sales and marketing. These two sectors of the sales funnel complement the entire process of generating leads. Most of the leads are being generated from the marketing process, sales drive the ultimate purchasing process to increase the business opportunity.

Creating an effective B2b lead generation process is very crucial this is when you acclimatize sales and marketing strategies to adapt and work together harmoniously without clashing and creating better results.

During the process of B2B lead generation, businesses should bring together sales and marketing teams to build a clear and understandable strategy for both teams to work effectively together.

The process of bringing the two teams together for achieving the goals is:-

  • Mapping out documents and explaining which team should work on certain roles and responsibilities.
  • Creating a clear and quick method of communication to access by both the teams.
  • A clear understanding of the shared information between the departments for evaluating a result.

An efficient process of generating leads should segment marketing and sales teams while simultaneously bringing them together for achieving the end goals.

Within this dominating market generating a lead is a crucial part of achieving business opportunities. Without generating leads a business can often struggle to keep up with the rising competition who are eventually engaging with their potential prospects.

Businesses require a consistent B2B lead generation strategy to stay ahead of their competitors and besides beating the competition. B2B Lead generation allows organizations to keep in touch with their audiences for building and retaining brand awareness. Also points and feedback building a database of prospects reviews for a better work process.

The process of B2B lead generation is not a ‘one fits for all’ approach. Generating leads to a 360-degree angle perspective that is deeply acclimatized for different sectors of targeted audiences. The market comprises a range of inbound and outbound strategies for businesses in multidisciplinary ways to generate sales leads.

The inbound strategy reflects on the marketing plan where the marketing theme targets the potential customers with their II new strategic champions and wait for or the expressed interest. Whereas outbound strategies comprise proactive marketing. That includes direct contact between the potential customers and the marketing team. These regular contacts could be on mobile phones, through email, or through direct face-to-face connections. For, efficient maintenance of sustainable B2B lead generation businesses needs to create a balanced strategy that includes both inbound and outbound marketing strategies.

These two strategies have their merits and demerits. Some of these will suit your business strategy while others might not. Like we have discussed before, B2B lead generation is no one size fits all approach. It highly requires deep adaptation and acclimatization as per the situation.

To generate high-quality leads your business should focus on the two major areas that are analyzing your lead generating approach, and ensuring to make improvements and optimizations and the second area is to qualify your leads criteria.

Once the process of generating leads has started, pick out some team members to evaluate your measures taken for the B2B lead generation process. This evaluation would identify the issues and leakages in the process. It might be a less effective marketing strategy where you might target the wrong potential customers or your textual messages were not curated relevantly for the targeted audiences. Analyzing these aspects of your strategy you will highlight the problems within the B2B lead generation process and start to improve and optimize the fresh approach to increase the quality of your leads.

Your lead qualification criteria or your filtering process allows you to segregate the low-quality leads that are not worth your sales expert’s time and energy. Creating a leakage-free filtering process will generate high-quality opportunities.

Your filtering criteria should cover all the attributes that you are looking for in your potential client. It could be the size of the organization, location of the organization, the industry they operate in, or a mixture of these aspects that should be used to create a leakage-free filtration process.

BANT is a filtration process model, initially used to evaluate your lead opportunities. The BANT includes four main aspects;

Budget:- Understanding the target’s budget, which means evaluating whether your target potentials have an available budget to purchase your offerings.

Authority:- questioning yourself that does your target potential acquires a buying authority.

Need:- understanding and questioning that the prospect is genuinely in need of the deal.

Timeline:- understanding the timeline of your purchase decision. This aspect questions the proposed time scale for which a purchase decision is to be made.

Using this model enables the businesses to determine whether the particular target is the right person within the organization to speak to. This clearly demonstrates whether the lead opportunity is worth the time and persuasion and will the business be able to offer the full level of service to the potential buyer.

If you have a product or a service that nobody has ever heard about or has an opinion of, demand generation would swoop in to change that measure. Demand generation is a marketing sector where it creates awareness and brings attention to the brand’s products and services. It gets the targeted audiences excited to purchase a certain product or service.

Once the desire and demand have been evoked, a B2B lead generation comes in for the people who are interested in making a purchase decision.

Demand and B2B lead generation complement each other, it is important to remember that the goal of demand generation isn’t always good for B2B lead generation and vice versa. Demand generation drinks traffic to the website or landing page but if there is nobody to offer the business their email address and their contact details, then the whole effort of marketing is nullified. You need B2B lead generation to pick out that traffic and get lead magnets for the further sales process.


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