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Social Media Marketing is an essential component to consider when you’re planning your Digital Marketing Strategy! And Instagram Marketing is one of the fastest-growing paid advertisements.

There are several Digital and Social Media Agencies out there, but the quality and ROI are what it takes to stand out from others. Social Media Marketing, especially Instagram Marketing is competitive, but we at DigiBrood, are experts at it! That is why when you set forth your mind to do digital or social media marketing, always reach out to our advertising agency-DigiBrood. We are 100% on time and have got more than 1000 happy customers with us.

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Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

In the era where everything is in digital space, social media is the key element that brands cannot avoid. Social Media Platforms are constantly evolving and Social Media Marketing is the key tool used to connect with your audiences, create brand awareness, increase sales, and drive website traffic to your businesses. You could go from simply adding posts to your account to do paid advertising!

The major social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest! There are several others, but these are currently the ones ruling the industry.

From starting to curate content for your social media handling to paid ads everything is Social Media Marketing. Business shares their contents in hope to engage with their targeted audience and hopefully to convert them as clients or sales leads, which leads to their growth! 

Brands that ignore social media..will die. It's that simple

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Social Media Marketing Pillars

5 pillars of Social Media Marketing

These are the essentials one must take in hand to successfully execute social media marketing campaign or to achieve and implement your strategy.



Diving straight into positing content might not be a great idea if you want a successful marketing plan or digital strategy. Take a deep look into the platform, find answers to the question – what is the ultimate goal behind this marketing campaign – to generate revenue? to get sales lead?, who is my audience, which social media best suits my business, what types of content creation should I focus on, and last but not the least, definitely start-up by creating a marketing persona and helps to achieve our goal. 

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Planning and Publishing

Publishing might sound simple, but planning to publish is complex. Plan on when is the right time to publish, plan on the time intervals and frequency. When you’re being constant in publishing relevant content to your audience, it will ultimately lead to more engagement, sales, and traffic.

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Listening and Engagement

Listen to your audiences, it is for them whom you publish and run the business for. Take into account what the users want and use their suggestions from time to time to modify your content.

Engagement is another key element, simply posting content would be of no use. Engage with the user, create creative content for them, perhaps a poll, a Q & A section, whatever it takes to keep them engaged in your business and to create awareness that you’re in the market!

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Analyze The Results

You have made a strategy, planned, and published the contents, what next? Analyze it! The crucial step.

You always need to know the results of your efforts and time, same goes with marketing campaigns on Instagram. Get reports of the follower’s graph, focus on whether it has increased or decreased, if it did by how much, and if it got decreased research for the reason. Check for your hashtags’ engagement (Volume), check for the conversions, by analyzing the results, one will know where to spend more or less time.

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Paid Advertising

Think of paid advertising as not spending money rather, investing in your platform. Check on the ROI of your advertisements, if done right, you will be amazed by the results & revenue. It will tremendously increase your brand awareness and your audience.

Social Media Marketing in the verticals of paid ads, will allow you to reach more potentials sales leads or audiences than the circle you follow. It is so cool that, it targets the exact type of customers you aim for, from what device they use to where they are staying.


Instagram Marketing

For this blog, we will mainly focus on what, why, and how to do Instagram Marketing.

First things first, what is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media in recent times, say who doesn’t have one? From 10-year-old kids to their grandparents to their dogs, everyone has an account of their own. Since its launch, it has grown up to 1 Billion users and provides 4x more engagement than any other social media or digital platform.

Broadly as how digital marketing can be classified, the same way social media or Instagram marketing can be classified by two verticals.

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Unpaid or Organic

These involve the regular posting of free content, as well as engaging with potential customers! This will be done with help of SEO

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Paid Advertisements or Inorganic

These includes the paid ads in any forms stories, posts, IGTV, or even Influencer Marketing

This social media platform has more than 1 million active people in an average of one month, about 500 million users who engage daily on their insta stories, and also on an average of 95 million photos and video per day are been shared. It is quite massive, isn’t it? So think about your reach to the potential customers or current audience, if done properly perhaps it adds a ton of value to your management!


Why Instagram Marketing?

This question might hit you hard. Yes, there are several social media marketing platforms out there, but why Instagram?

We will answer that will stats-

Instagram marketing, is not just about ads, it is about the connection between your business & the potential leads, it is a medium to hire talents, and also to inspire your audience. Furthermore, the stats say, about 130 million customers engage themselves in shopping content.

Another major reason why to market on Instagram is its, visuals and tools offered. It has a wide vertical in content creation, started from posts and video to date it has evolved live, IGTV, stories! The business has choices to opt-in which vertical there are going to mainly focus on or, on which to advertise. Instagram not only allowed you to have a humanizing connection with every client or audience of your in long term but it also heavily focus on brand awareness. 

instagram marketing strategy
instagram marketing strategy

The Importance of the Algorithm

The algorithm seems to be technical!

You don’t need to master the Instagram algorithm to be successful in your business, rather just understand it thoroughly and modify your paid ads and content as per that. The entire digital strategy’s results are based on the algorithm, so think of how important is simply to understand it.

The ultimate goal of digital algorithms is not anything else, but to serve the users with relevant content and to deliver proper user intent! So this of this as online perfectly doing its job!!

So what it has to do with you and your business, in order for you to be successful? It is all about quality and relevancy. Algorithms study the user’s behaviours and engagement to produce content for them, if you tick all the boxes that the algorithm has for you (Quality, spam score, relevancy, user intent), you’re already in the way of your success!

Therefore, make sure that to boost your engagements or user, don’t hit up the spam line or irrelevant content. Majorly digital content curation is where you need to take care of when it comes to online or specifically here Instagram algorithms.

how to

How to do Instagram Marketing

We understand having all the terminologies, strategies, algorithms, ads might make you feel it is not possible, but no, a simple no.

DigiBrood services offer to take off all the stressful efforts you must put in and will only give back the best ROI and results we could. Our services are the best in Australia, and we boost to be the best Melbourne based social media agency

Let's go through the basics, first

In order to do Instagram marketing, you need a business account, on Instagram. To do so follow the steps:

It is that simple.

To move on how exactly will you promote a product, engage with your audience, generate sales leads, or foremost how will you create brand awareness. Down below, we have complied a subtopic to answers those questions.

instagram influencer marketing
instagram marketing agency

Identify Goals and Objectives

Do you want your business to thrive in social media for long term? Rule one set your goals and objectives.

“It is a simple rule, without knowing your digital strategy you’re leading nowhere in social media.”

This is all about asking oneself, “why are we in the digital marketing industry, why are we on Instagram, and what do we need from it?”

These will sever a the pillars of your marketing strategy and social media presence. Set realistic goals, don’t go for “I will gain 1 million followers in 1 month”, nope that is not possible! So, start lower and achieve higher!

Go for something like “I will grow my user 25% more in 3 or 6 months of time” 

Creating Strategy

Social media strategies can be tricky, but it is not impossible. And as an expert in the field, we can assure you that! 

“DigitBrood Offers a customized brand social media strategy to put into use for your business, to know more reach out to us!”

Even before thinking to start the marketing campaigns on Instagram think of digital strategy and content creation.

Focus on the outline and overall marketing campaigns that you are going to be doing, determine the timeline, cost, how, and when it should be done. There are several strategies one could adopt to have success, we will look into that specifically later in the blog.

instagram influencer pricing
instagram advertising strategy

Target your audience

This will be the first step towards planning your strategy, we understand how complex it is to build organic traffic and to create brand awareness! To attain success in it, you must identify who are your potential clients, users, and what do they want!

Do some research! Consider factors such as age, demographic factors, interests, motivations, level of spending capacity, etc.

In the era of Digital Marketing, you can specifically sell a product to that one person whom you have in your mind! Literally! The Instagram ads allow you to have the targeted group that you want to!

To do so you need to identify your audience, you can monitor the hashtags and events related to your brand, or with the competitor’s business. 

Analyze the existing Businesses

Just entering the social media marketing, you already have tons of case studies and reports which will give you an overview on what needs to be done and to not.

Marketing agency publishes the reports and case studies, there are plenty of them out there. Check them out!

Also, this is a primary way to identify competitors and to analyze them! So make good use of the time you spend, it will contribute to your success as well as an understanding of the industries present in social media or online!

Conduct a quick look through, the Instagram of your competitor, see what kind of content strategies they use, analyze if it is successful or not, have an eye for hashtags, look into what is the most engaging and buzzing posts they have.

You will get an idea of how to make use of the strategies and it will be a great opportunity for you to do the things they have missed! 

instagram content strategy
instagram growth agency

Post Only Relevant and Engaging Contents

As we already spoke about the online and Instagram algorithm, you need to keep the factor in mind that only the relevant and creative content shall go into your business page!

For no reason, to push up the traffic or growth use spammy content. Focus on how to be creative, research for ideas, to maintain the brand for the long term you need to concentrate on this! 

Build a consistent brand

This is all about consistency in maintaining your Instagram business account, social media posts can be tricky, it can someway or other lead to inconsistent posts! But focus on your digital content. make sure that the company or your team deliver only relevant and consistent posts about your brand.

Having an inconsistent post or content will lead to your users being confused which will ultimately let your brand down and the performance of marketing campaigns will also go down!

Also, a pro tip, to start your small business you could use your own photography skills for products. but when moving one we’d suggest you go for professional photography! This way the targeted clients feel that it makes a statement – your brand is of top-notch quality! 

digital marketing instagram
digital marketing instagram

Optimize your business profile

What is optimizing? To non-technical or for someone from not digital marketing background this won’t be familiar with you! This is all about making the profile user-friendly, and clear!

The first time a user comes to your profile, they notice your bio, which can only accommodate up to 150 characters. So, that is your chance to impress your user or sales leads, to make them your followers!


Concentrate on your Instagram captions

Captions are like ALT Texts to your pics, if you’re someone from digital marketing background you will understand what we mean. If not, say it is the written form of any images or video, that you post! It must have a catchy and high-engaging tone. A flat or basic caption is not paving the way to sales or growth.

An Instagram caption can hold up to  2,200 characters long, but we’d suggest going for something quick and catchy to read, until and unless you are coming up with a story with a statement that might create a major impact on users or your brand. 

instagram marketing company
social media marketing instagram

Understand the importance of Hashtags

HASHTAGS, small word but a big impact creator!

You must understand that hashtags are literally everywhere in the digital space and it would cost a ton if don’t use them properly!

Tip – Use a set of common hashtags constantly such as – if your business is a clothing brand for example you keep this set of hashtags constantly in hand – #fashion #trendy #trending #fallfashion #iconic #statementpiece #justforyou #offer !

You can always look into competitors’ posts for analyzing the hashtags use or use any specific tools to look after hashtags! It is a smart and very much valuable idea to keep some hashtags constant in your post to create a brand identity! Mentioning a hashtag necessarily won’t stop there, check the volume, check which type of audience uses it, and for what, by this way, you will get to know the interest of your buyer or sales leads! If you are someone from a digital marketing background, you could think hashtags are something similar to SEO, the same way SEO keywords lead the users to the content they want, hashtags do the same too!

Experiment with Content Creation

Creating content is a complex process, but Instagram has only the sky as its limit. There are ‘n’ numbers of ways to creating your content. You need to experiment with content creation to achieve what your business wants!

Types of Content Available on Instagram –

Instagram Posts & Video –

These are the basics of Instagram marketing or any social media marketing, it is a simple carousel of images or video.

Instagram Live –

This feature is great especially for companies or businesses to launch their product and to promote their brands. Almost all the platforms on Social Media has this feature now, but what makes marketing in Instagram Live is all about the user’s engagement here!

Instagram Boomerang –

This is relatively a new tool offered by Instagram in the social media marketing platforms, but this is a great addition to social media! Marketing on this media has been found highly a great efficient social media strategy to be used.


This tool in social media marketing platform is something similar to Instagram video, but longer! This has given Instagram ads to shape into only better! Many influencers use this tool to do their social media advertising. 

social media marketing instagram
instagram marketing agency

Expand your brand with Instagram Paid ads


Organic traffic to your business with help of SEO and marketing is great! But when you have a thought to expand your business with social media marketing, paid advertising should come to your mind!

The strategy and management of them should be your most priority!

To relieve that stress (Planning digital marketing strategy, social media marketing advertising), we are there for you! DigitBrood team is the best social media marketing agency in Australia! Our services are offered in various verticals of marketing, social media – Instagram, LinkedIn, what every it take, we offer that! We are professional who offer our affordable services in social media marketing, we boost to be the best in Melbourne, Australia!

Go for Instagram Influencer Marketing

The influencer industry in social media marketing is a growing one! One from a marketing background will understand it! When tapped properly, influencers can add a ton of value to your digital presence! Influencer marketing is a great digital strategy that uses human psychology. 

instagram influencer marketing
instagram influencer marketing

Analyze and get better

Digital presence is all about focus and getting better at it! So, take a look back at your platforms, and deliver the best project your management could! 


Let's Our Marketing Agency Help You Scale Up Your Business

But How? Simply because we are the experts in the field!

We are a 360o Digital Marketing Agency based in Melbourne vic, Australia, that provides solutions for your business to generate more revenue. We handle complete solutions for your company in the digital space for both organic and paid projects! Our agency has affordable rates for your businesses, we do a lot of research and only implement the best of best campaigns to your website and company!

Our services are the best in Australia, and we boost to be the best Melbourne-based social media agency!

Social Media Advertising or Marketing is wide and complex, we understand that! That’s why our professional experts in our marketing agency use the best in industry digital/online marketing strategy for your business! Our Marketing agency has more than 1000 happy clients at the present by providing services to them! 

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Digi Brood One-Stop Solution for Your Digital Business


FAQs On Instagram Marketing

With over more than 1billion active users, this platform gives massive growth to your company!

It is because of the actives users, they aren't just using Instagram rather engaging in it!

Between the age of 18 & 24, and 25 & 32, there are about 320 & 354 million global users, respectively for Instagram.

Post useful and creative content on regular basis in your account!

Yes, it does! Posting your content when most people are online or active, will scale up your revenue.


Take a look at our client’s love!

We Provide a Full Series of Digital Marketing Strategies!

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