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Website Maintenance service Melbourne in the early ’90s meant only website maintenance services like HTML update as most of the company website was build on that platform. But now to keep your website running there is a lot more than just website updates.

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what is website maintenance Service?

Now to keep a website running there are more number of challenges these includes -

Website Security

To keep your WordPress website running the most important threat to performance is your WordPress website security. To protect your websites from malicious files and cookies from updates your team needs to constantly monitor the backend to increase your WordPress website security.

Regular WordPress website security plugin updates are required to get your WordPress website up and running. There are a lot of hidden security vulnerabilities over the internet that you need to fix and be up to date from time to time.

At Digi brood we have annual as well as monthly maintenance web package services to enhance your WordPress website security.

website maintenance company Melbourne
website maintenance company Melbourne

Obtain More With E-mail Marketing

You need to update the website design from time to time. A template containing information about your latest offers is something you want your user to be aware of.

An eye-catching template is all you need to pursue your visitors to land on your page. This is the need of the hour. To get the best user experience you need to change your design from time to time.

Digi Brood Services

Call now our support to know more about our affordable theme-based packages and maintenance support services plan in Melbourne. Phone us now and book your free consultation with our marketing team.

Website Content

Regular content updates are required to keep a website up and running. You need to keep your site updated so that clients can easily access all the information required. To secure your website you need to update all the backups. You need to keep your website up to date. 

Digi Brood Services

At Digi brood we have our team of professional content writers that features your complete version of content to your customer. Call us now to know our ongoing affordable cost-effective package to maintain the content development of your website.

At Digi Brood we have monthly, quarterly and annual schemes.

website maintenance company Melbourne
wordpress website maintenance services Melbourne

Website plugin updates

There are several plugin that needs to be updated on daily basis in your WordPress website. The access these plugins you need to get access to the backend of your websites. Thorough monitoring of your WordPress website is needed for updates and to get a hassle free experience.

You need to take a backup of certain files before updates. If you don’t take the backup of your files then the updates can delete certain data from the web or your online WordPress website. These vulnerabilities should be taken care of by your company or management. 

Digi Brood Services

Contact us or Call us now to know about more WordPress website support packages, security services for websites, software for website maintenance, and all your digital marketing and maintenance plan for your site. At Digi Brood we have monthly, quarterly and annual schemes.

Website SEO

To get your site a rating in google you need to do search engine optimisation. The ongoing theme or page optimisation through SEO development is essential to improve your website or WordPress website ranking in google.

This helps in the performance of your website by more user, clients, or visitors land on your page online. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO not only features your websites but gets more clients to land on your website to know about your service or services. You need to run updates constantly to get a better google rating and backup soon you need to fix these tasks online for your company.

Digi Brood Services

Call Us/Phone/Contact us to know they know more about our google optimisation by monitoring backups, advanced SEO from our company of SEO professional, advanced website maintenance service, WordPress content updates, and software, Melbourne hosting services, Software update services, security services for WordPress website. At Digi Brood we have monthly, quarterly and annual schemes.

wordpress website maintenance services Melbourne
wordpress website maintenance services Melbourne

Social Media

Social media marketing is the key to the digital performance enhancement of a website in Melbourne. You have to keep your clients who access up to date. You link your digital handles with your website. Digital marketing can work wonders for your business.

Digital media management needs to be updated from time to time to monitoring of your performance which keeps you up to date with the latest marketing trends.

Digi Brood Services

At Digi Brood we have monthly digital services which can boost the sale of your business. Contact Us/Call Now/Phone now for monthly Melbourne digital services, secure socket services, hosting service, performance based digital optimisation, website support, website maintenance services, and maintenance support for your business. 

Website Hosting updates

Web hosting should be renewed annually. You can call your hosting provider to get monthly plans as well. Your domain also needs renewal annually. Hosting services provide web host in the cloud online. You need to keep your hosting updated to fix your web page running. If it is not renewed soon your site stops showing in the cloud internet.

Digi Brood Services

At Digi brood we provide free web hosting for your WordPress website. Our support team is available 24*7. To know complete details about our services and cost in Australia Phone us now. 

shopify site maintenance Melbourne
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Why DigiBrood Melbourne's Website maintenance Is Important?

shopify site maintenance Melbourne

To gain traffic

Website maintenance is important not just to keep your site up and running but also to draw more traffic to your website. Just creating a website won’t help you in your business. There are trillions of pages over the internet. But to protect, fix and draw traffic to your website regular WordPress website support and maintenance service is required.

To increase SEO

The tasks of development of google analytics manner need a professional touch. Many hours and monthly development and monitoring by a team can draw traffic in the for of clients to your website. Regular updates of the backups are needed by professional for website development. This is the key task to keep a website up and running. Thorough monitoring of your digital team to secure your website and gain clients is the key to run a business successfully.

Regular digital service to your WordPress site is necessary to boost the performance and security of your business.

Digi Brood Services

At DigiBrood our team supports the security and backups of your WordPress website. We also provide customer support for website support and maintenance service to your site to get a higher ranking. Phone Us Now to know more about our 24 hours customer support services for your business.

shopify site maintenance Melbourne
website traffic

Few tricks to draw website traffic by website maintenance in Melbourne.

The aim of running a website successfully depends on how much traffic you can draw to your website. Here are few tricks to increase the traffic of your WordPress website.

website maintenance packages Melbourne

Create valuable content

The first thing to draw visitors to your site is to create valuable content that is useful for the maintenance service of your business. A value-added content attracts the user to your site.

website maintenance packages Melbourne

Keyword Research

You need to boost your web page by promoting keywords based on research. You need to include relevant keywords that gain traffic to your web page. Your URL, website title, headers should be according to the keywords which promote WordPress website maintenance.

website maintenance packages Melbourne

Keep your social media pages up-to-date

Regular update of your social media pages keeps the google analytics of site for your maintenance. Regular interaction with your followers, using hashtags, link your website to your bio, tag more influencers, forward links of your website to the followers interested to know about your product.

website maintenance packages Melbourne

Regular advertisement of your website

The regular task of advertisement of your site can increase the traffic of your website per hours. Performing these tasks regularly can gain you more traffic and boost the marketing support of your WordPress website.

wordpress website maintenance Melbourne

Send regular Email Newsletter

You can send a regular email newsletter to all your previous client and add a button to click for the user to land and subscribe to your WordPress website. These regular updates promote the marketing of your business.

wordpress website maintenance Melbourne

Tie-ups with Influencer

Your management should regularly tie-ups with more influencers to support your business. These updates boost your business outreach to more audiences.


Different types of Website support and maintenance services at DigiBrood.

Your website is like any electronic appliance which requires time to time maintenance to keep it running. Similarly to increase the support and security of your website from time to time repair or maintenance of your website. This maintenance support includes-

wordpress website maintenance Melbourne

Regular update of website software

If you are using a content management system (CMS) service like WordPress or PHP then all the software demand regular updates. At Digi Brood we provide your a complete solution of management of all types of a website update.

wordpress website maintenance Melbourne

Increase speed of your website

If your website is not updated from time to time then a lot of cookies get gathered which slows down the speed of your website. At Digi Brood our team of experienced developers helps in the management of the speed of your website. No user likes to browse a website that takes a long time to open.

wordpress website maintenance Melbourne

Fix all the HTML associated errors

HTML coding is not an easy task for beginners. There are a lot of bugs that can hinder your website. Our service support includes fixation and HTML-associated errors management adding more security to your website.

wordpress website maintenance Melbourne

Develop meaningful content

To gain more attraction from the audience you need to add more content which the audience found interesting. You need to create innovative content from time to time that adds more popularity to your website. Our service support you with updated and meaningful content from time to time.

wordpress website maintenance Melbourne

Owned Media

Owned Media as the name denotes consists of online platforms that are under your full control. This includes your online website and blogs. You can create powerful content then this can help you in the ranking of your website.
wordpress website maintenance Melbourne

Shared Media

Shared media consist of social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, InstagramLinkedIn, Pinterest. You can attach the links of the respective URL in your website which acts as your online business card. Any bad reviews or negative comments on Facebook or any platform can hamper your brand reputation online and affect the sale of your online brand.

Just creating a website won’t serve your purpose until and unless you do optimization of the website. Search engine optimization can give you better visibility and gain more traffic to your website.

wordpress website maintenance Melbourne

Design Consistency assurance of all the website pages

Your website should have universal functionality over all platforms like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Explorer, etc. Your website should also have uniformity.

The browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. take regular updates so if your website is not updated and is security deficient you can get a negative SEO for your website.

website support and maintenance

Backup necessary files

It is very disappointing if you lose all or some of your data from the website. Taking backup regularly is very important to save all your valued documents.

At Digi Brood our services ensure to provide you utmost security to all your essential files and data from deletion. To know more about our services call now

website support and maintenance

Fixing all the broken links

Broken links to your website give the audience a feeling of disappointment. They conclude that your website may be non-functional or you haven’t updated your website recently. This impacts the credibility of your organization.

At Digi Brood our experts monitor your website 24*7 and fix all the broken links.

website support and maintenance

Review your website analytics

Just updating your website and optimizing it won’t serve the purpose until and unless you study the analytics of the performance of your website. To know things are going in the right direction you need to do time to time inspection of the performance of your website.

A high level of metrics is required to gain the performance of a website. An experiential marketing agency can only perform such a high level of matrix and give you the desired results.

At Digi Brood we ensure that all the matrix is at its peak and your website gives the maximum performance output.


Frequently Asked Questions

The charges of Digi Brood differ from client to client. We have a customized solution for all our clients. Our prices are the best in the industry. Whether you are a small company or a big MNC we have a solution for all.

Yes, we at Digi Brood can give you maintenance service of your existing website. Our offer includes a complete solution to all your queries related to website maintenance and security service.

Yes, our services are non confined to any particular region. We provide a complete solution to all our client around the globe. You can be from anywhere in the world our team of support will give you assistance according to your local working time.

We have flexible payment options. We do accept wire transfers. To know more about our payment plans you can call our team of customer support to assist you regarding our service and plans.

Yes, at Digi Brood we do provide web-hosting for your website. Our packages are customized according to the need of our valuable clients.


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