DigiBrood – Privacy Policy

Thanks for taking the time to read our privacy policy page. At DigiBrood, we take the privacy of our website visitors very seriously. As such, the following information should be noted by all our website users:

Personal Information

The collection and logging of any of your personal details submitted through contact forms on this website (name, phone number, email address and messages) are stored securely and are used by our company only. We will never sell or change your personal details with any other unrelated entity.

Cookies and Google Remarketing

When visiting our website, we may store your information within our Google AdWords account, which is designed in such a manner that you may fall under a specific audience. This means we segment our visitors into different demographics and serve you with a different remarketing banner, depending on which demographic you fall under. Google’s advertising platform uses third-party ad display partners where you may see our ads, which are being triggered due to a previous visit to the DigiBrood website. You can opt-out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting Google’s Ads Settings here.


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