About Us

About Digibrood

We are an outright digital marketing solution coalescing new clients every day.

DigiBrood Story & Awards

Concept Has Been Evolved

We introduced ourselves as a neighbourhood marketing strategist with just four members catering to small projects for networking.


Amid The Working Mode

The idea of collaboration with other individuals gradually pushed our business for ample works and clients.


Delivering Work With High Caliber

Presently with 50+ marketing experts and 500+ community associates, we are serving all over the world with 360-degree digital marketing solutions.

2019- Present

Our Planed Vision

Digibroot Aims to be a complete digital marketing solution worldwide providing 360-degree marketing including ATL and BTL Marketing Solution to our clients.

Upcoming Years

About DigiBrood's CEO

Our CEO Krishnendu Das Aims to turn your business into a brand. Being a successful social media strategist he has been assisting clients and community members with the excellence of service and longtime commitment. His expert qualities in leading the company have extended the digital marketing services for global success. Our CEO and Digibrood envisions growing together with the clients and community to bring a change in the world of marketing strategy.  


Let’s meet our team who are leading us to success

Our highly experienced team is ready to fulfill all your digital marketing requirements.

Our Mission And Visions

We promise to dig deep into the soul of your company and extract enough information so that We can embody your brand, understand your personas, reach your audience and build trust on your behalf.

We also promise is to be there for you so that your brand can be there for your customers whenever, wherever they need you.

Our mission is to create a 360-degree solution for every digital marketing need. for our clients across the globe. With our efficient services in excellent website designing, graphic content, Social media marketing strategies we aim to create a lifetime relationship with our client.
We want to dig deeper into your company to understand and recognise the brand, aesthetics of your services to reach out and cultivate more audiences. We also

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