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What does DigiBrood do? DigiBrood Melbourne is an eCommerce marketing agency designed to provide end-to-end solutions to your business. Our professionals set their time and resources to spend on marketing strategies for your e-commerce website.

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Product Listings

DigiBrood works on creating product listings for various E-Commerce sites in Melbourne Australia. We provide product listing services on eBay Australia, Amazon Australia, Woolworths, Myer, and more. 

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Product Optimization

DigiBrood Melbourne has impeccable solutions to provide you the perfect product optimization including required changes and edges to craft desirable items for satiating the ultimate consumers.

ecommerce digital marketing agency

Product Marketing

DigiBrood Melbourne bridges the gap between product management and marketing communication. Our team generates a high statistical product marketing plan for your business to entail buyers and retain them post-purchase. 

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E commerce automation

DigiBrood E-Commerce marketing agency helps with technology to escalate your staff productivity and growth in the sales of your e-commerce business. With our services, your business can seamlessly cut down on order cost, redirect staff activity and provide a personalized experience to each prospect.

Our e-commerce automation services include:-

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Sales management

DigiBrood’s sales management tactics aim to deliver a sales force and efficiently coordinate sales operations. Our professionals directly implement sales techniques allowing your business to achieve or even surpass your target. We determine all our efforts to generate revenue at all costs for your business.

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DigiBrood holds expert analysts to evaluate your existing E-Commerce operation. We identify any issues or leakage during the procedure, and we set our aims to generate a seamless business. Our agency analyses your business to gain new customers and improve conversion rates of your eCommerce Store.

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360-degree angle solution, we help your business from scratch no matter your E-Commerce business's niche.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With the thriving online purchase and sales, E-Commerce marketing emerged as the primary focus of operating the E-Commerce business. The goal here is to create awareness in the market through consumable promotional tactics driving traffic to the online stores. Then take the action towards the traffic, converting them into paying consumers and generate retention with those customers.

E-Commerce marketing drives for a comprehensive strategy for both on and off the website. A marketing tactic to help build brand salience, increase online sales retention and create customer loyalty.

The similarities between eCommerce and digital marketing overlap each other. It gets confusing to identify the two as they both share the same tools for their operation. To differentiate, we need to demonstrate how they use their tools differently.
For example, social media can drive traffic and also get direct sales.
The difference is that using digital marketing entails visitors, and creating a sales process requires E-commerce.
For example, if I purchase new jeans. The process used in purchasing through the online website and paying through the online methods is directly related to E-Commerce marketing. Whereas digital marketing creates awareness about the product, and it evokes my desire to purchase the particular product.
Digital marketing and eCommerce marketing goes hand in hand. If you are good at one thing does not directly reflect that you are doing well on the other section too. These two sectors of complementary processes for running a business seamlessly.
Digital marketing brings traffic to your brand and e-commerce allows you to sell the product.

The masses have shifted their attention from offline to online purchasing drastically. They tend to scroll their mobile screens and computers to select their favorite items. During this age people do not have time for offline shopping, physically going to numerous places to get the desired product. This is where e-commerce websites enter to deliver their chosen products right outside the door. Having an eCommerce website for your business will help you grab an immense marketplace to keep your customer informed and up-to-date about all your products and services. If you do not have an e-commerce website for your business, you are missing out a lot. It is a place for great opportunities and increasing the sales process.
DigiBrood is one of the best E-Commerce marketing agencies in Melbourne, Australia. We aim to provide a 360-degree angle solution to your business operation. Our experts will sit down with you to understand your goals to ensure the business is unique. No matter your E-Commerce niche, our experts will provide higher statistical plants that no other brand has. They perfectly align our marketing strategy with your brand and voice of tone to hit or even surface your target. Our aim is to raise your E-Commerce business within the dominating online market.

E-Commerce automation helps your business grow with the use of technology. Using automation you can increase your employee's productivity for better results. We understand the customers adore a personalized approach, but reaching out to each customer is nearly an impossible task. Automation helps the business to create a personalized approach, for example, businesses use email automation to keep the customer connected.

E-Commerce automation comprises three essential components for better business operation:-

  • Triggering events or an indication that the automation should begin.
  • Followed by a definition of what the automation will do.
  • Concluding with an action performing functions without human intervention.

There is a range of processes from the moment customer orders to delivering the product. This includes, retrieving the production processes and then inventory must be picked, packaged, and shipped.

An E-Commerce platform requires efficient automation to help businesses to sell seamlessly, maintain accuracy, and lastly improve employee productivity.

An E-commerce website has catered to the needs of online shoppers to ensure they make safe purchases from online stores. E-Commerce platforms create an easy buying and selling process. E-Commerce marketing agencies help businesses to gather data and evaluate demographic data from various channels to improve customer service.

Choosing a platform for your E-Commerce business can be critical but eventually is depending on your budget and requirements. If you are not expecting huge traffic, if you are selecting a targeted audience then go for WordPress + Woocommerce. Each platform has unique designs and has distinct features, that you need to evaluate before entering the hub. You require an analysis from an e-commerce marketing agency to help you choose the relevant platform directly related to your needs.

There are some platforms that you can choose from:-

  •  Shopify
  • Woocommerce
  •  Prestashop
  •  Magneto, and more.

E-Commerce business has typically four models:-

  • Business to the business model
  • Business to consumer model
  • Business to Government model
  • Business to business to consumer model.

Business-to-consumer implements, when a business directly sells the product to the user. It is one of the common methods known to the general public. A B2C E-Commerce business model depends on acquiring a platform that is adjustable and adaptable quickly to new customer's requirements with no delays or disturbance in the service.

We all engage in business-to-consumer transactions every other day. When you purchase your groceries, clothing essentials for getting a haircut everything includes a B2C service.

The E-Commerce business has five different of business to consumer models

  • Direct seller
  • Online intermediary
  • Advertising based
  • Community-based
  • Fee-based

Direct sellers e-commerce is the most common and well-known model where consumers directly purchase the product from online retailers.

In the advertisement model, marketers share the information through different advertising sites. For example, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, or any other advertising methods.

Online intermediaries mean online businesses bringing sellers and buyers together to make the purchase.

Facebook is an incredible example of a community-based site that generates money from aiming ads to buyers based on their demographics and location.

Lastly, the fee-based model includes companies who sell the product's information or entertainment to potential customers for a fee, for example, Amazon Prime or Netflix subscription.

A new model has recently emerged, a B2C hybrid model. This hybrid eCommerce platform provides businesses a unified view experience of customer data from a single platform with special features to let your E-Commerce business in two parts of B2C and B2B from a unified Omnichannel.

E-Commerce advertising is placing paid content through online and offline channels to sell a product or service online.

The popular E-Commerce advertisement platforms include:-

Social media advertisement

Facebook ads:- including photos, stories, videos. and Carousel formats.

Instagram advertisement:- including visual post, video, slideshows, and story formats, etc.

YouTube advertisements:- this extends from Google advertising to target users based on keywords.

Search engine advertisement

Display advertisement:- including banner advertisement that usually appears on websites, applications, and mobile games.

Pay per click advertisement

Google advertisement campaigns that appear on top of the search engine results.

Product listing advertisement

 Google shopping advertisement that usually appears within the search engine results.

This measure of e-commerce advertisement helps you to reach people who may or may not have heard about your product. The main object of e-commerce advertising campaigns can include everything from growing awareness and gaining sales.

E-Commerce marketing strategy comprises 12 basic steps including:-

  • Creating content to generate backlinks
  • Offering subscriptions
  • Experimenting with delivery offers
  • Using urgency to encourage action on the sales
  • Adding reviews and ratings on your website for creating a positive image in front of the viewer.
  • Offering exclusive sales to existing customers.
  • Creating a visual style for your product photography
  • Creating offline experiences for your existing customers
  • Building a loyalty program
  • Optimizing your product descriptions
  • Offering instant discounts to your new customer. For example, free delivery on their first order.
  • Lastly exploring partnerships.

There are different types of e-commerce marketing channels including;

  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Local marketing.
Steps to use social media for your E-Commerce business.

Here are 14 steps to follow for improving E-Commerce business through social media:-

  • Firstly, define your E-Commerce social media objectives
  • Decide how you want to use social media for your eCommerce business.
  • Create a content strategy and social media strategy for your E-Commerce brand.
  • Identify which social media platform you want to target
  • Optimize your social media handles for e-commerce
  • Run social media paid campaigns optimized for your E-Commerce business.
  • Use automation tools for seamless operation.
  • Consider creating a mobile experience
  • Optimize your landing pages for e-commerce business
  • Creating a clear CTA on social media optimized for e-commerce
  • Ensuring an easy website navigation
  • Offering easy payment options for customers
  • Advertising and selling on third-party websites is crucial
  • Tracking the accomplishment of your E-Commerce social media strategy.

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