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FMCG Marketing Agency Melbourne

Australia’s fast-moving consumer market is well-supported by the country’s strong income and powerful economy. It’s no secret that Australia is a top tourist destination for many different reasons. And the country is no stranger to the commercialization of the tourism industry. Above all this has put a positive effect on the FMCG industry.

The food and beverage industry in Australia is huge. And as a result, there are plenty of ways to exploit it. Every day brands are coming up with new ideas to get a piece of this profitable pie. One of the latest trends is to convert your brand to a full-on FMCG company. Our team in Digibrood will help you to advertise your brand to a broader consumer base. In other words, boost your sales.

The FMCG is a booming sector. With over 160 Billion$ turnovers as of now, FMCG is one of the most powerful and influential industries. Moreover, Australia has built a reputation around the world for quality products. Because of the easy access to these high standard products the consumer spending has seen a rise. That’s the reason why you should invest in this sector. Our team in Digibrood will provide you with the best marketing strategies and for your success in building an empire.

Now let’s dive deep into the FMCG marketing industry and related information.


FMCG Marketing Agency Melbourne
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What is FMCG?

FMCG stands for Fast Moving Consumer Goods. These are the products that sell quickly at incredibly low prices. Also called consumer-packed goods. These items are bought frequently, rapidly consumed, and found at a relatively low cost. Moreover, the turnover is extremely high when the items are on shelves.

FMCGs have a shorter shelf life as they are always in demand. Subsequently, these products are easily perishable. Fast-moving consumer goods are nondurable and sell somewhat quickly. In addition, the profit margin is quite low, yet these things account for more than half of a consumer’s spending.

FMCG Marketing

What is FMCG Marketing?

FMCG marketing in simple words, will create more awareness and improve a brand’s reliability. It helps communicate with the target customer and enhances the relationship between the client and the brand. From the marketing perspective, FMCG is going to be a dominating sector. Within the past 3 years, the annual turnover has increased by 3times. Therefore, it is a great place to invest your finances. FMCG marketing has high inventory turnover, extensive distribution, and low contribution margins. All these factors make it pretty attractive for the brands.

The Perfect FMCG Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is the new modern reality. An average adult spends around 7hours per day on the internet. Taking advantage of this fact, the consumer goods industry is entering the digital world.

Brand visibility is the first priority. Your customers need to know what exactly are your products and services.

And Digibroood will assist you in achieving that goal. Our team will aid in reflecting your brand on every social media platform. This will boost your rankings and brand image.

Our expert marketing strategists aids in facilitating you with the information regarding your target audience. Moreover, we use this customer data to plan ahead and take those appropriate actions. We also keep an eye on your rivals. Because to survive in this fierce competition you will need Digibrood. As we provide all the necessary tools to succeed.

FMCG Marketing Strategy
FMCG Marketing campaigng

Why does your brand require FMCG Marketing campaigns?

Having a strong online presence is a must for FMCG brands. Brand image and reputation play a major role. This is achieved by our star team of social media experts. They will convert your company to a liable brand.

It will further enhance the search engine rankings and improve the accessibility for potential clients. In the end, our aim is to boost your organic unpaid website traffic. So that these potential clients will convert to permanent customers.

Content marketing is also an essential part of FMCG advertising campaigns. As it is the major component that will differentiate your brand from other companies. Our content creators facilitate you with powerful, unique, and gripping content that will keep the viewers hooked to your website.

Our main purpose is to connect your audience with your brand. So that this will increase the trust among the customers. Digibrood is efficient, effective, and budget-friendly. We assist you in achieving all your demands and goals.

Statistics to brag about the impact of FMCG digital marketing

Australia has a worldwide reputation for providing the finest form of goods that is ever available. However, in terms of FMCG items, Australia imports most of them. The imports quantity is more than exports. Here are a few of the stats regarding the growth of the FMCG industry in the past few years.

The gross value added of wholesale trade in 2020 was 71.75 billion AUD.

After that, the net export value of non-durable consumer goods came down to $4.6 billion AUD.

In the case of the import value of food products into Australia, the amount was $9.99 billion AUD.

To sum it up you can see the crazy amount of profit in the FMCG  sector.

outsourcing your FMCG marketing

Benefits to outsourcing your FMCG marketing to Digibrood

Are you wondering how can we actually help your FMCG business with digital marketing?

We will enhance your brand appeal. And diversify your company. Additionally, our experts in Digibrood use a multifactorial strategy to boost your brand worth.

Digibrood also helps promote your items on various social media platforms. This improves your overall sales and increases revenue. Most importantly, with a very minimum investment, you will be getting a long-term benefit.

Along with that we audit your website and identify any problems. And resolve it immediately. Our SEO experts will assist in crawling your webpage higher in the Google searches.


Frequently Asked Questions

Fast-moving consumer goods or FMCG are consumer-packed goods these are the items that are sold quickly and in masses. Hence, they are readily found and are inexpensive.

Some of the examples are packed food items, cosmetics, beverages, toiletries, over-the-counter drugs, milk, fruits and vegetables, stationary, dry goods, cleaning and laundry products, personal care things, as well as less expensive electronics including headphones, chargers, etc.

FMCG offers an opportunity to show your creative side and develop innovative ideas to sell a product. It is an ever-changing industry. Therefore it has to constantly come with brand new ideas and original thoughts on products and other items.

It will help in increasing the audience pool. Along with that, it will also improve your brand's accessibility and visibility. FMCG marketing will be more effective because of the strategies and the knowledge about the target audience. Most importantly, it will make sponsorship and product placement easier.

This is achievable by strengthening your online internet presence. Also using video and audio content to stand out from the competition. Building strong contact lists for further advertising campaigns. And showing efforts to keep your brand in close range with your customers.

We provide a 360-degree complete solution to all your queries. This includes

  • online reputation management,
  • website designing,
  • SEO services,
  • content marketing,
  • generating leads,
  • social media marketing,
  • website maintenance,
  • digital marketing services, and many more.

Not only will it assist the brand to stand out from the crowd. But also will help in advertising campaigns. In different social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc, it will help elevate the brand image. With the development of technology, everybody needs their products to be found online. And your company can make it possible with the help of Digital marketing with Digibrood.

Firstly it helps to create a unique brand identity. Secondly, it will offer a good range of customers for your company. Keeping up with the ever-changing industry trend can be tough. Digital marketing provides your company with a structure and original, innovative sales ideas.

Digital marketing and social media will provide the latest ways to promote your brands. And display it on different platforms. For example, if you are a skincare brand. Then your ads will be shown in other skincare beauty gurus and influencer's blogs and videos. Along with that, you will be able to get feedback from your customers. That u can use as positive reinforcements.

The company you are hiring must have expertise in this field. They must have deep knowledge about the market and digital media strategies. Likewise, they should be trustworthy and transparent with you. For instance, Digibrood prefers the quality of work and client satisfaction before anything. We have the experience, methodology, and know-how to help you.

And that is the reason why Digibrood will be your perfect choice.


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