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A strategy to accelerate the traffic and conversion rates to drive your brand value and achieve a unique work operation that your business aspires.
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DigiBrood's sales funnel services

Market research

Market research is a key to sales funnel a model to turn leaves into ultimate consumers. DigiBrood acquired experienced sales experts to form quantitative and qualitative marketing research. Our professionals are strategical in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer research.

DigiBrood business-to-business research uncovers insight into the market through surveys, representing samples of its participants.

Our agency regulates directorial interviews with the board’s management team and customers to provide internal and external direction of the brand. Our professionals set internal businesses, organizations, and communication blueprints with the B2B context.

DigiBrood business to consumer research reflects questionnaires with consumers about the company’s product and services.

Our agency will conquer their strategies on competition categories, consumer motivation, and face-to-face research on products and services.

Our professionals widen the market context to optimize your brand salience through extensive questionnaire-based studies and process the ongoing operation for the potential of opportunities.

DigiBrood sales funnel services work on optimizing your sales at every consumer touchpoint. 

sales funnel services
sales funnel landing page

Landing page creation

DigiBrood landing page is a step towards a visitor turning into a customer. We make the funnels easy for you as our experts can create a perfect landing page with advanced features and fast loading to meet quick turnaround times for your organization.

Our agency takes creative measures for quality content, for the landing pages including a call to action message curating a personalized post-click experience to turn your mere visitors into the ultimate users.

We create exceptionally customizable templates and visual pages collaboration for easy launch in the market. Our object is to give every visitor a personalized experience through targeted data such as demographics, firmographics videos, WordPress, Sam card, and keywords to maximize your conversion rates and digital advertising ROI.

DigiBrood fluently creates a range of message-matched landing experiences customized to your targeted audience. Now sit back and watch your sales to increase your campaign conversion rates. 

Creative ads to gravitate audiences

DigiBrood believes in analyzing the target audience behavior pattern and creating customized advertisements and lead magnet.

Our exceptional marketer’s creative measures to expand, engage, compelling and personalized content that appeals to the viewer. Our motto is to positively gravitate towards your products hence, accelerating brand salience and sales.

Digibrood does not believe in one fit for all solution. Our professionals follow a 360-degree angle procedure to create consumable advertisements to create more traffic on your website page and gravitate towards a call to action.

Our sales-funnel advertising measures every platform across the globe deeply analyzing audiences’ demographics for conversion rate.

Creative Ads Sales funnel
Automation Sales funnel


DigiBrood creates a sales funnel automation blueprint, through software like ‘HubSpot Marketing Automation’ for filtering the potential clients for the brand’s salience and sales.

We match our users to content that answers their queries throughout the funnel’s various stages.

Our experts bring a range of business through landing page and ads to filter the potential consumers through our automation funnel. 

DigiBrood follows two branches of automation:-

Chatbot automation

DigiBrood office chatbot automation conversions, a program for customers to achieve a more personalized way to access information. Our professionals set out a funnel automation strategy to filter the leads for maximum conversion rates. 

Email automation

DigiBrood creates active campaigns for sales funnel automation to strengthen customer engagement retention and loyalty.

Our behavior-driven email automation serves direct response to individual user-specific actions made on the brand’s website on the mobile application.

DigiBrood’s sales funnel automation works on brand salience and filtering potential leads, gaining conversion point. 

Chatbot automation Sales funnel
digital marketing funnel

Lead nurturing

DigiBrood believes in developing relationships with prospects throughout every stage of the funnel. Our professionals listen and process the concerns of prospects to consistently -follow up with them to stay intact with the procedure.

DigiBrood nurtured leads have a shorter sales stage, as our marketing team helps the sales team move leads to the funnel by inducing easy pipelines to free up the sales team and drawing their attention to the most immediate deals at hand.

Our agency serves to lead the right type of content at the right time to increase the efficiency and speed of deciding their buying path.

Our professionals will nurture the leads to prevent prospects from forgetting about the company. Our experts, ensure the prospect is ready to make a buying this and are more likely to purchase from your brand.

DigiBrood relieves your sales team from spending extensive time and money on closing the sales. We let you leave it on our lead nurturing to identify quality leads.

Sales script

DigiBrood acquires sales scriptwriters with more than 10 years of experience. We provide a personalized sales script/copywriting to the qualified leads, that gravitate the audiences to your company’s products.

Our expert copywriters connect personally to our clients for a better understanding of their ideas and perceptions of the sales script.

We believe in offering custom sales copy for everything from sales pages to email sequences. Our process is not a one-time solution we create test scripts and evaluates their measures and results to reach the final sales script.

Our motto is to curate customized scripts for each client by analyzing their targeted audience and company’s persona.

digital marketing funnel
digital marketing funnel

One to one sales call

DigiBrood does not limit to mere processes and getting results. Our experts drive for one-to-one calls to satiate the client’s needs and understand their end goals.

Our agency follows our virtual meetings through zoom calls and calendly. Our motto is to connect with the client for understanding their needs goals and audience perception.

DigiBrood desires to build relations with the client for a better understanding of their objectives. 

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USP of DiGiBrood

DigiBrood professionals provide sales funnel expertise to help 20+ businesses who earn 7 figures currently.

Our exceptional efforts have gained us 500+ positive reviews

We aim to offer a 360-degree angle solution, helping you from scratch; market analysis, lead generation, and closing the sales.

We are 2020’s best sales funnel marketing agency in Melbourne, Australia.

sales funnel

Our process of sales funnel

Social Media Marketing

Social media ads

We create social media advertisements to generate the company's recognition, interest among the audience to get the lead magnet. (Facebook, Google, Instagram ads)

Landing Page for AdWords

Landing page

Our next step is creating a landing page including attention-grabbing content and themes for encouraging the viewers to go for a call to action process.

lead generation


We generate chatbots and email automation to reach out to prospects and filter further leads.

lead generation

Quality leads

After the automation, we select potential quality leads willing to make the decision.

E-mail Marketing

Send emails

Our professionals reach out to these quality leads through emails, explaining detailed information.

b2b lead generation

Scheduling the appointment

Our team schedules an appointment with our clients to further process; including the company's idea and our sales script, etc.

content funnel

Our process of the content funnel

 Our services include drawing creative measures to generate organic post/content aiming to go viral.

This process of content funnel creates the company’s salience and encourages audiences to sign up for the product. 

B2C (quick Funnel)

seo services melbourne


DigiBrood provides creative ads to generate attention and interest among the audience, giving a unique company outlook. (Instagram, Facebook, and Google ads)

ecommerce seo melbourne

Landing page

Our next step for Quick Funnel is creating a landing page with compelling content and templates to encourage them to click the call-to-action button.

social media influencer marketing


If the prospects did not buy or download their required item, our automation reaches them through emails; specifying the new deals to encourage them to make the ultimate purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

The sales funnel is a core concept of a digital marketing agency. In this ongoing dominating market, strategies like a funnel play a huge point in a business's success.

Think of this process as a real-life filter. When you pour in a substance at the top its filters down towards the end. Sales Funnel in digital marketing is similar to this step.

A marketing campaign can draw a range of potential customers but not all of them end up purchasing the product. Just like the procedure of filtering, it filters the required items, and the rest is kept out.

An optimized funnel process does not leave the potential users out. A sales funnel when done correctly the chances of more people completing the funnel from start to finish increases because this process serves the targeted audience in the way they need to be served.

The funnel represents a customer journey from the beginning (acknowledgment of the organization) to the ultimate conversion rate.

The process of the funnel is an ultimate guide to lead generation and how to convert these potential leads into consumers.

With today's high competition sales funnel has grown its demand expeditiously in the market as the outlook it provides like never before.

Sales Funnel in a digital marketing agency plays a great impact on lead magnets and conversion rates. Driving traffic on the website and encouraging them to sign-up for your new production services.

To drive a prospective client into the funnel has accelerated amidst the digital era. But the drive to improve conversion rates required a marketing funnel formula;


The first stage of marketing is creating awareness. Audiences should be aware of the business product and services. There would be no prospective customers to buy if they wouldn't even hear about the company.

Marketing begins with creating a company's acknowledgment hence come Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and even Google ads. Facebook ads and Instagram ads have made a significant role in creating awareness about the organization and its products and services.

Creating a company's perception is the first stage of the sales process and ultimately achieving the desired lead magnet.


Creating an interest in the second stage of the funnel. Marketing is all about grabbing people's attention to your interesting content for the lead magnet.

Marketing agencies at a crucial step to make their customers interested in the better sales process and these are the steps they follow;

  • Identify your client
  • Analyze their taste
  • Increase curiosity
  • Use pass success as your guide
  • Build a sense of urgency
  • selling key consumer advantages
  • Lastly, be biased about your product.


Marketing is all about analyzing the customer and the market for better representation of the content. At this stage, lead magnets are used for future funnel processes.

To desire of the prospective buyer by digging into their needs. Then expand your research to clarify and magnify the desires to the needs. The next stage would be to curate a future vision and lastly, stick to the potential client and show them your content again.


Taking an action is the next stage, after getting a lead magnet through your compelling web page or advertisement.

A marketing agency should take action on the potential clients through email marketing and other measures to stop keeping in a reach with them by explaining the best deals to such prospects, creating lead magnets, and high conversion rates.


Once you have got your ultimate consumers, you can encourage your existing customers to share the product review and feedback with their friends and family. Driving traffic to your site page and, where professionals work the funnels and provide services to the client.

A personal recommendation and positive feedback, brings a range of new users to the company, giving employees a free space to work on an already convinced prospect. This procedure does not require the sales team to work on the marketing funnel section, since the individuals are already convinced by the existing consumers, hence leave free time for sales experts to focus on bigger projects.

Email marketing is an important part of the sales for the representation of the subscriber going from prospective leads to the ultimate consumer through promotional and educational email communication/marketing.

This requires a strategy to create a list of prospects and send a personalized message for a better response. Unlike Facebook ads or any other advertising content/posts on social media. Email marketing in sales works on customization for targeted clients.

To generate lead magnet there are steps needed for the sales funnel.

  • Choosing an email marketing platform
  • Setting up the first form for the clients
  • Constructing the first sequence
  • Connecting the form to the email sequence
  • Embedding the form into the website.
Benefits of the sales funnel

Sales funnel improves an existing marketing strategy and develops a new one. It helps to predict the volume as it consistently shows the customer journey from raising awareness to the ultimate purchase. One of the most important benefits of this strategy, that it is measurability as it can measure how and where the company is losing customers and helps to pivot your plans.

Through this procedure, businesses can identify their problems and can evaluate their market strategy, email marketing landing page, etc.

This increases the site's conversion rates; it narrows the number of a visitor or a site and picks out the visitors who stay on the website; presumably, these number of visitors are more likely to purchase the product.

This means that non-targeted audiences will be filtered out by the funnel and the ones who stay on the site are going to purchase more, hence boosting the responsive rates.

When using this procedure, businesses can predict the volume because it demonstrates the number of customers moving onto the further stages of the funnel.

There are new strategic measures in the sales funnel and to make a difference branch should have a practical, logical, and effective fundal to attract potential customers and convert them into paying consumers.

If you are running a business, you need a sales funnel.

Offline retailing stores analyze the customer behavior personally,then notice people coming and looking around but not purchasing. Some could accompany their friends and families, they are not even in search of the product. Others ask questions then leave-taking a mental note.

An offline business can evaluate this behavior face-to-face but the new age is the digital Era. This Era of purchasing products and services online requires businesses to follow this procedure. Through these funnels, businesses can grab the attention of their target client, evoke the desire for their products.

Facebook post, sign-up calls, a compelling site, persuade them to purchase the product connect with them virtually and explain to them the significant benefits of their products, and lastly filtering out those individuals who do not desire to purchase the product.

All of these measures are taken care of by the sales funnel. Its deep strategy filters out non-target clients and helps you to focus on the ones eventually going to purchase.

Following a sales funnel can browse lead magnets. This credible strategy helps businesses to increase customer buying response and retention.

You want to know why you need sales to funnel there go.

Sales automation is an exceptional way to increase sales, improve revenue and eliminate time-consuming components, hence saving thousands of work hours and enhancing the productivity of the employees.

Using automatic sales software is a key point to create a flow and sales process where sales experts could focus their work on generating leads and connect one-to-one interaction with important clients.

 Not using sales funnel automation is missing out on major components and opportunities of a good sales funnel. This automation is meant to be built once and maintained over time. This automation is the key to bring visitors, leads, and customs 24/7.

The more your business automates, the more your employees have free time to work on bigger projects and offer more to the clients.

AI-based chatbots

AI I have aligned with the business's tactics for better results. A company should work on funnels if their top priority is converting leads into customers then artificial intelligence is the best help your business can get.

Benefits of AI automation

1-Email content curation

We understand personalizing emails work wonders in the sales funnel but writing a customized email to each customer will take hours. Delivering personalized emails to each client is an impossible task.

You require artificial intelligence for that.

Artificial intelligence drives algorithms to regulate the subscriber's data and analyze how each individual interacts with the contents, this allows AI to create a highly personalized email based on the subscriber's information.

2- Automation improves customer experience

Customers want their needs and queries to be addressed personally. AI can improve this requirement and aspect the customer experience by:-


Personalized packaging

Consumers adore customized packaging but packing each product catered to the personal requirements of each customer is nearly impossible for human employees. Using AI chatbots and the personal packaging of the product improves the customer experience.

Enhancing relationships between customers

Customizing emails or messages to the customers creates a relationship between businesses and consumers generating retention and loyalty.

The sales funnel and marketing funnel are the two inherited parts of the same funnel. Marketing covers the top funnel, strategizing the procedure to draw visitors to the business by creating awareness, interest, and desire through ads, promotion, etc that encourages them to give their contact information for valuable data.

Sales funnel on the other hand works on leads, qualifies them for further stages, and lastly pictures and try to close the sales to those potential customers who have made the decision to purchase the product.

Just like when you find leakage in a real-life funnel you fix it or get a new one. Similarly, the sales funnel evaluates leakage and works to improve or fix it. Ultimately try to get more people to take action within the funnel eliminating all issues and leakages. Sales funnel optimization is identifying the problem and finding measures to improve the funnel based on collected data analysis of the data finding the best path out of with more conversion rates.

The sales funnel is a crucial element in digital marketing; its strategical qualities make it exceptional for great results. Understanding and managing the sales funnel is very important.

A sales funnel manager helps the business to establish goals for the funnel, plan the funnel, create various species and branches of the funnel, automating the different stages of the funnel.

A sales funnel manager will also monitor the ongoing procedure of analyzing and identifying problems/leagues in the funnel and ultimately providing remedies for fixes and improvement.

Every prospect is brought to the online landing page for further selling process. The driven traffic is introduced to the company's service. The compelling content and templates are the tools that could target the selling procedure.

A landing page is different from a website. It is a part of the complete web process but the main goal is to sell target prospects, the company's service, and new product deals or offers.

A landing page is created for the driven traffic keeping copywriting and engaging posts as key tools to encourage prospects to complete the selling procedure.

A landing page is different from a website, as both contain content for different objects. A website's home page service is for prospects to browse and search. Whereas in a landing page the prospect is introduced to compelling content with copywriting techniques created to sell the product or service to the visitors on the website landing page.

A prospect with a mere objective to search for surf on the page is led by the copywriting and compelling set of sales tools, to the ultimate call to action button.

For example, if an individual was brought by advertisements to a landing page he or she is often accompanied by the content ultimately going for the company's a product/service.


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