Organic Traffic Increased by 180% in 3 months

How Josh Meah Marketing Agency Built and Improved Organic Traffic by a Whopping Margin of more than 100% and Witnessed Significant Increase in Page One Rankings for Targeted Keywords


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Organic Traffic Growth 180% in 3 months

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Project Details, Growth & Revenue

Josh Meah Marketing is a full-time digital marketing agency with offices in the USA and the United Kingdom. Josh Meah Marketing is mostly a result-oriented SEO agency, focused on customizing campaigns for various clients and providing AlaCarte services that yield data-driven results.

With a very hectic schedule on his plate, Josh has much lesser time focusing on marketing his own agency-based website. Rather his sole focus is on his clients looking to achieve results that will maximize their expectations.

Eventually, Josh had to compromise on search engine rankings for his website and thus lose organic traffic. The visibility of his website on search engines was minimal. Targeted keywords and phrases were at an almost rock-bottom level. Things were going haywire until we stepped in and made some major changes to his website in terms of SEO strategy.

Key Achievements

After a lot of analysis and repair of wear and tear of the website, SEO reports suggested that there was a significant increase in traffic for the website and there was ranking for most of the keywords and phrases being targeted in all major search engines. Traffic grew by almost a whopping 107%, which was more than a hundred percent increase.

Major Challenges

The challenge was to gain traffic and generate leads that would eventually bring conversions from a whole bunch of selected keywords and phrases. Raising an online presence for was also a part of the primary objective.

The 2 major goals of this marketing campaign were to increase the local visibility of this online marketing agency in the regions of New Jersey and surrounding areas and the second goal was to boost traffic to blog articles through high-quality backlinks.

Our Approach

Major SEO strategy was to ensure that we performed competitor analysis, keyword research, and keyword mapping for different URLs in the website. Then we performed a simple site audit and did on-page SEO.

Our off-page SEO consisted of guest posts and content promotion such as article promotion, skyscraper blogging, link outreach, blogger outreach for links, and editorial link building.

We stressed improving the domain authority of With almost 450 backlinks to its name, but there was very meager traffic to the website. So we had to start optimizing from scratch and work on reputation management that helped build traffic and brought rankings to targeted keywords and phrases.

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