Gains Insightful Traffic and Rankings on Major Search Engines Gains Insightful Traffic and Rankings on Major Search Engines and Piles Up on Organic Traffic


TV Repair Company

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TV Repair Company


Gains Insightful Traffic

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Rankings on Major Search Engines

Project Details, Growth & Revenue

TV Repair Company has been serving customers for almost a decade or two. The company has been completely customer-focused, providing the best customer service. Now they want to move on to greener pastures towards online mediums and be found on the internet for different keywords. In the beginning, the visibility of the TV Repair Company wasn’t very good and thus client wanted to improve their online presence in all search engines big and small. They want to be ranked for a list of important and targeted keywords and phrases.

Key Achievements

Building an online presence could sometimes be a monumental task. But we focused on improving traffic and ranking progression for targeted keywords in major search engines. According to reports, we achieved Google rankings for most keywords in quick succession, and traffic quadrupled in just a few months’ time.

Major Challenges

Local backlinks were hard to find. We had to do some extra research to dig out proper local backlinks for this website. Keywords for TV Repair Company seemed to be quite competitive and thus hard to rank easily. There were tonnes of broken links that needed to be taken care of and fixed to make the site ready for SEO. Time and budget were limited and thus we had to come up with a bootstrapped strategy that would actually work for this website with limited resources.

Our Approach

Our main goal was to rank well on the SERPs. Competitors of TV Repair Company were already ahead in the game. We chalked out a one-week plan and began working on On-page SEO, starting with meta optimization, code edits, and rectification of site architecture. We made sure that all the web pages were relevant to the targeted keywords.

Then we did a competitor analysis to know where we stand and how far we are lagging behind so that we can pick up the pace and work to fill in the gap.

In off-page SEO, we did the following that significantly helped improve keyword rankings:-

  • Guest posts
  • Article submission and article syndication
  • Niche directory submissions to relevant categories
  • Online forums and community postings
  • Social bookmarking
  • Guest post articles and web 2.0 blogs
  • Search engine submission
  • Creation of infographics and submission
  • PPT creation – then sharing on high PR websites
  • Ad classifieds

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