“I would highly recommend Digibrood. Their professional services have greatly increased our online presence and PPC performance with quantifiable results.” – Richard McNeil



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Golg Store



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Project Details, Growth & Revenue

Over a few years, Digibrood has helped Affordable Golf become one of the UK’s leading Golf retailers.

As Affordable Golf needed to get a much better return from their PPC account, they approached us for help.

David, Mark, Richard & the rest of the Affordable Golf team wanted not only to increase revenue, they had to do that without having a negative impact on ROAS.

Here’s what we did:

  • Comprehensive analysis of the business, best sellers, top products lines and brands
  • Restructured theIr Google Ads account from the ground up, with new search & shopping campaigns
  • Created hundreds of tightly themed search campaigns based on brands, generic searches and product categories
  • Built granular campaigns for devices, branded and generic searches for Google Shopping
  • Optimised clearance items, promotions, best sellers and new product lines
  • Developed Facebook Ads strategy focused on generating incrimental revenue
  • Put a daily granular ROAS reporting structure in place for all to see

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