Skin Club Australia is a completely optimized website

Skin Club Australia is a completely optimized website with a great SEO Strategy in Place and Well Structured Content


Dr Vi Sharma

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120% Growth

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Project Details, Growth & Revenue

Skin Club Australia means a gamut of expert doctors, safer procedures, and great results. Skin club Australia is all about cosmetic surgery or even plastic surgery located in Melbourne.

Key Achievements

The website is well optimized for on-page SEO as it shows a good quality score. Search engines will be able to rank for relevant keywords that will help skyrocket traffic by a huge margin.

Major Challenges

The title tag is not optimized well and is big negativity in the website. Title tags define how your website reacts and shows up in the search engines. Here we see a title tag that is not optimized and is longer than 60 characters. This means that when the title tag appears in the SERPs, it will truncate the entire title tag and make it look shorter.

Title tags are very important for search engines to properly understand and showcase your content accordingly on the search engine results page.

There is quite a low volume of content(text), that would be interpreted by the search engines as thin content. You know what thin content means – simply black hat SEO. So it’s better to write more content and focus on ranking for various keywords.

Image alt attributes are missing on the page. Finally, there are not enough backlinks for this website.

Our Approach

We created a search engine-friendly website that will help maximize visibility. This will also help increase visitors to the site and improve user experience altogether.

We have integrated a site-wide keyword strategy. Content should be organized accordingly and uncover user intent. A URL strategy should be in place that should be SEO relevant.

We fixed the title tag and also the alt attributes were included for all 26 images. In the beginning, there are 11 alt tags for 26 images, and that was fixed. An entire revamp of content for the entire website would be a good idea. Focus on site architecture and also content development.

Project Gallery & Other Elements

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