Recovers from Dreadful Google Penguin and Panda Penalty

Juvly Aesthetics Cosmetic Dermatology in Columbus Recovers from Dreadful Google Penguin and Panda Penalty – Site Makes a U-Turn & Gains Keyword Rankings with Maximum Traffic



Business Type

Cosmetic Dermatology


Recovers from Google Penalty

Project Status

Rankings with Maximum Traffic

Project Details, Growth & Revenue

Juvly is a cosmetic dermatologist in Columbus with a very reputable and long-term practice. We did a site audit and realized that the site has been hit with a Google Penguin penalty. So we had to disavow all the old links and redo link building from scratch. Our main objective was to rank all 75 keywords and also brain back quality traffic to the Juvly Aesthetics Cosmetic Dermatology website.

Key Achievements

90% of keyword rankings were visible. We were able to bring back enough traffic to the website, thus leading to quality leads and thus conversions.

Major Challenges

Back in the day, the Juvly website had good traffic. But over time, the volume of traffic fell, thus resulting in a loss of search engine rankings for most keywords. This also meant a gradual reduction in lead generation and conversion of leads. Moreover, the site was penalized by Google and had to be recovered from Panda and Penguin updates. We did thorough keyword research and rebuilt meta tags that are SEO-friendly. Our challenge was to regain rankings for all keywords possible and get traffic back to the website.

Our Approach

We began with on-page optimization where we implemented white hat SEO techniques. This was to ensure that all the codes were intact and meta tags were readily built for proper SEO.

We also did W3C validation, minified the CSS and javascript, and also implemented other on-page SEO techniques for SEO.

In off-page, we did high-quality natural backlinks which allowed 90% of targeted keywords to rank well on the SERPs. Building an online presence was not at all an uphill task, as we have already worked on it earlier. Local directories, bookmarks, and search engine submission were some of the popular off-page SEO that we implemented to bring on the rankings for all the targeted keywords. Traffic to the website was restored and the generation of leads.

Project Gallery & Other Elements

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