Improves Page Load Speed by 100 Milliseconds – Bounce Rate Reduces by almost 72%!!

The V-Institute Improves Page Load Speed by 100 Milliseconds – Bounce Rate Reduces by almost 72%!!



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Bounce Rate Reduces by almost 72%!!

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Vaginal rejuvenation is a revolutionary procedure that enhances the function and appearance of the vagina. We provide a wide number of vaginal tightening treatments including urinary incontinence correction, non-invasive laser treatment, and vaginal rejuvenation. ‘The V-Institute’ has received an overwhelming response from our customers and potential clients alike. This case study focuses on improving page load speed for ‘The V Institute’s website, which is a significant contributing factor in on-page SEO.

Key Achievements

We successfully helped reduce server response time and even upgraded our server to enhance page load speed. This has helped in the reduction of bounce rate, as more visitors are surfing through our site for a bit longer than usual.

Major Challenges

The biggest challenge was to improve the page load speed. Page load speed was too slow and we needed to take action to enhance it so that it helps reduce server response time.

Our Approach

Our first and foremost approach was to use a fast and reliable web hosting service provider that caters to the needs of the customers looking for vaginal restoration services online. We also use a CDN and optimized our databases that would enhance page load speed. We used custom lightweight word press and minified our scripts that would eventually help improve load speed.

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