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Podcast recording software


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Podcastle is a service that turns text into human-like speech using artificial intelligence. They offer various services like interviews, audio editing, revoice, magic dust, silence removal, recording and extension. Now they want to establish the tool in the industry and build long-lasting relationships with influencers across key verticals. So, they hired LinkBrood to create a unique and effective PR outreach campaign. 

Key Achievemnts 

After our first PR work, the company saw great results (from press release alone), including 31.7 million+ online readerships with just four pieces of coverage that we secured within six weeks. Podcastle witnessed a great increase in organic traffic and a great brand presence after the PR campaign.

Major Challenges

Since Podcastle was recently establishing the tool in the industry, it was hard to get a hold of the top journalists who were ready to help publish their stories. But, our team put in the extra effort and created a unique approach that helped attract the top publications’ attention. 

Our Approach

We decided to focus on the key features like realistic voice skins, removing background noise, and correcting bad audio recordings to provide a great PR campaign. We drafted articles that included the key features, testimonials of Podcastle users, and interviews with other podcasters who were using this tool to create content.

 This approach helped us grab attention as the stories were relevant to the audience and of interest to media publications. We aimed at influencers on social media, YouTube, and podcasting communities to make them aware that Podcastle was the only text-to-speech tool in the market that could provide an extremely high degree of accurate replication of human speech.

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